How to Do Amazing Smoke Tricks

The ghost is an easier trick to do, and it’s good for learning how to condense the smoke in your mouth. The first step is to take a hit without inhaling, swallowing, or chewing. Keep it in the center of your jaw near the front of your mouth in a little smoke ball. Then, very gently, push the smoke out of your mouth with the tip of your tongue. If you do it too fast, you’ll end up chasing your smoke, and it won’t look nearly as cool. After you push the smoke out, inhale it back in. After that, just exhale as you normally would, and you’ve done it! Done right, the trick will look like a ghost coming in and out of your body—a pretty cool effect for sure! For more instruction on how to pull off this trick, check out this great demonstration video:

Forming the French Inhale

Another generally simple trick to learn (yet really fun to do!) is the French Inhale, or the Irish Waterfall. Take your hookah pen and inhale without swallowing, taking in as much smoke as you can without coughing or choking. Keep the smoke condensed, as it will add to the effect of the trick. Next, push out your bottom lip past your top lip, as if to blow in an upward direction. Lastly, gently push the smoke up and out and inhale through your nostrils. The smoke should gently rise towards your nose, allowing you to inhale it back. This trick is very easy to learn, and after a few tries you should have it down. Check out this video tutorial for more help on the French Inhale:

Sending out Smoke Rings

This trick requires more practice and patience, as it is a little more difficult to master, but seeing as it is by far the most popular smoke trick, it is definitely worth the time. Nicknamed making cheerios, this hookah pen trick looks wicked when done right. Take your hookah pen and take in a good amount of smoke. Next, form an “O” with your mouth, similar to kissing. There are two ways to pull this off, and we’ll go over both. The first is to do a reverse hiccup. This is the easier of the two methods, and the smoke rings you make will be thicker and fuller this way. The second method is putting your tongue in the middle of your “O” and softly poking the air as you exhale. The smoke rings won’t be as full, but they definitely should travel farther. Either way you do it, the smoke rings typically have an equal dissipation rate as well. Again, this trick is a little tougher, so be patient and keep at it when trying to learn it. It will be well worth the practice! Click For Buy Hookah Pen


For more instruction on blowing smoke rings, check out this cool video:

Blowing Smoke Bubbles

These next two smoke tricks will require a few more materials than just a hookah pen, but the result is certainly worth the extra effort! For a smoke bubble, you’ll need a bowl or plate, dishwashing soap, and a straw. Pour some dishwashing soap into your bowl, then take your straw and dip one end into the soap. Bear in mind, the more soap on the end of the straw, the stronger your smoke bubble. Now you’re ready to inhale. Take a hit from your hookah pen, and, with the straw end that doesn’t have soap on it, blow your smoke through the straw. The dishwashing smoke will catch the smoke and form an amazing smoke bubble. Not a difficult trick to master, but still highly impressive! Just be wary of which end of the straw you blow into, and do not inhale once you blow the smoke through the straw. To see this trick in action, check out this video:

Winding Up a Smoke Tornado

Without a doubt, we’ve saved the most impressive trick for last! This advanced trick will require a hookah pen, a paper towel roll, and a table with nothing on it. It will also be really helpful to do this in a room where there is little or no air circulation, so no open windows, and closing your air vents wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Inhale as much smoke as you can without choking or coughing, and, using the paper towel roll as a funnel, push the smoke very slowly down onto the table. Doing this slowly is important, because the smoke needs to stay crowded instead of dispersing quickly.

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The next step can be done one of two ways. You will need to hold your hand horizontally with your fingers nearly parallel with the table. One way to perform this step is by keeping all your fingers tightly together and inserting your hand into the smoke until your fingertips touch the table. The other way to do it is by separating your ring and pinky fingers from your middle and pointer fingers, similar to Spock’s signature hand gesture (live long and prosper!). Insert your hand into the smoke, only letting the fingertips of your ring and pinky fingers touch the table. The last step is to quickly but precisely lift your hand up from the smoke. The lifting motion will pull the smoke up with your hand and create a spiraling effect; hence, the name tornado. It’s also helpful to spin your hand quickly around your tornado to keep up the rotation and make your tornado thicker. This trick takes a lot of practice to get just right, so don’t fret if it takes awhile to master it. Once you get it down though, you’ll be able to make a smoke twister appear at your command! For an awesome tutorial of this trick, check out this video:

Practice Makes Perfect

These are just few hookah pen tricks you can learn to do, and if you master these, you don’t have to stop here. Just remember, they take practice to get the hang of, so keep at it and you’ll be a vaping trick pro!

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