Where To Buy Hookah Pens

Gas Stations

Because the consumer popularity of these devices is on the rise, gas stations have started stocking up on e cigarettes and hookah pens. Several of the popular brands can usually be found at the larger franchise gas stations.


  • Quick. Swing by your local chain gas station and pick one up whenever you need it! No need to wait for shipping.


  • Poor quality. Gas stations aren’t known to stock the best quality disposable hookahs. Because of this, you may get a dud.
  • Lack of diversity.Often times, there will be an extremely limited selection of flavors to choose from, limiting your options.
  • Expensive. Buying through this outlet may be the most expensive option; the pens can run as much as $15.00.

Smoke Shops

Smoke shops are beginning to carry some brands of hookah pens as well. A quick Google Search (smoke shop in “your town”) can provide you the name and address of your nearest tobacco store. Make sure to call and see if they have the product ahead of time!


  • Quick.Like gas stations, going by your local smoke shop will get you what you need instantly. (provided they have it!).


  • Lack of diversity.While better than gas stations, smoke shops will not have the assortment of flavors you will find online.
  • Expensive.Smoke shops will run you between $12-15 for one hookah pen.


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Ebay has become a popular store for people to purchase smoke accessories from, and hookah pens are no exception. While you can find hookah and shisha pens on Ebay for very cheap, we recommend you avoid this option at all costs. Hookah pens on Ebay are of very poor quality, often manufactured and shipped directly from China. In addition, there is often no return policy if you happen to get a dud (which happens often through Ebay hookah pens).


  • Cheap.Hookah Pens bought through Ebay may be your cheapest option.


  • Poor Quality.More often than not, you will get a product you are disappointed with. Batteries often die before they should, and the flavor is mediocre.
  • Slow Shipping.Shipping on Ebay is notoriously slow. It may take up to two weeks to receive your product.
  • No Returns.If you do happen to get a dud, this is more than likely on you. Most Ebay store owners do not have a return policy for these items.

Online Stores

Finally, we touch base on online stores. The internet has a fantastic collection of online shops with many flavors and brands of hookah pens to choose from. Sites like Hookah Pen Central have an assortment of flavors and often ship very quickly. Bias aside, we believe that an online specialty store is the way to go when trying to figure out where to buy hookah pens.

Buy Hookah Pen Online!


  • Best Quality. The hookah pens stocked on sites such as ours are the best quality around. Because specialty sites focus on these products, we make sure to deliver you top of the line merchandise.
  • Fast Shipping. Hookah Pen Central offers the fastest shipping of any hookah pen shop around. Most orders placed before noon ship out on the same day.
  • Return Policies. Staying loyal to customers, Hookah Pen Central will honor returns for the first seven days if the item is found to be defective.


  • Not as cheap as Ebay. Unfortunately, because online shops often sell higher quality product, we simply cannot compete with Ebay’s price. That being said, investing a little more can go a long way with your hookah pen experience.

There you have it! You now have several options to purchase hookah pens. If you are interested in buying from Hookah Pen Central, make sure to use the code “WHERETOBUY” for 10% off your purchase. Thanks for the read and happy shopping!

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