Where Can I Get a Hookah Pen?

Recently, hookah & shisha pens have taken eBay and Amazon by storm. The plus side? If you are looking for a cheap pickup, this is probably your best bet. Unfortunately, nearly ALL of these hookah pens are of poor quality and rarely reach their puff limit. In addition to this, there are usually no return policies if something happens to go wrong. In our eyes, this is enough to make us recommend steering clear from these two online powerhouses for purchasing hookah pens.

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Smoke shops and tobacco stores often have a very decent selection of hookah pens and accessories in stock. They carry some of the best pens on the market and will typically take back any dysfunctional pens. The downside? These stores tend to be very expensive, often charging up to $15 for a single disposable hookah pen!

So, if we haven’t scared you off yet, you may still be wondering: “Okay, okay. Now I know where I SHOULDN’T buy a hookah pen. But… Where can I GET a hookah pen?!” We would like to think that our site, Hookah Pen Central, is the best resource for providing information on where to buy hookah pens, shisha pens and juice, bar none. After all, this is what we specialize in! What are some of the advantages?

  • Best selection of hookah pens found on the internet
  • Fast shipping, 99% of packages are at your door within three days!
  • Competitive pricing that will be hard to beat
  • The best return policy you will find

Best Option – Vapes.com Hookah Pens

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