Al Fakher Tobacco Reviews 2018

Al Fakher Tobacco Reviews 2018

Al Fakher has been in the tobacco production industry since 1999. Based out of the United Arab Emirates, the tobacco producers take pride in providing the finest tobacco. They pay close attention in the flavor-infusion process, getting flavors from Europe to offer clients tobacco that is rich and top of the line. That is why the company is well known to avid hookah smokers.

The tobacco producers have three different range of tobacco: standard, golden, and special. You can find the review of each of the different range of their tobacco below.

Standard Range

Al Fakher Tobacco

Average rating: 4.2 out of 5

The standard range is the basic quality of tobacco Al Father offers. Within the range, you get a variety of categories such as: aromatic, minty, sweet, fruity, tropical, creamy, and after dinner. Within each category, you have around 10-15 flavors to choose from. In the standard range, our favorite flavor was gum and two apples. The flavors within this range are fairly strong but don’t have a lasting impression on you. It doesn’t last too long, but you will definitely taste the flavors you select. If you aren’t an avid shisha smoker and do it recreationally then the standard range is a good choice.

Golden Range

Al Fakher Tobacco Grape Flavour

Average rating: 4.5 out of 5

More avid shisha smokers would probably prefer Al Fakher’s golden range. The tobacco is of a much finer cut and blend. The blend of ingredients is richer, in the sense that you get a juicier and wholesome flavor. The range doesn’t have as much a variety as the standard range with only seven flavors to offer. We tried the golden strawberry and golden two apples and immediately sensed a difference from the standard range. The golden two apples packed a lot more flavor and the impression lasted longer. While we didn’t try the strawberry flavor in the standard range, we are sure golden strawberry would be much stronger, in terms of flavor. This particular range is definitely for the shisha lovers.

Special Edition


Average rating: 4.5 out of 5

The special edition range of tobacco by Al Fakher is perfect for those smokers that like to experiment and enjoy a blend of flavors. The line comes with 21 different flavors like appletini, hot ice, and banana montana. The tobacco in this line packs the same amount of flavor as the golden range. Which is something we expected because the golden range is exquisite. The only difference in the special edition is you get flavors that are more experimental.

Hubbly Tobacco Smoking Everything You Need to Know

Hubbly Tobacco Smoking: Everything You Need to Know

History of hubbly tobacco

Hubbly tobacco which is also known as hookah was introduced roughly five centuries back in the Middle East. Countries that first started using hookah are Egypt, Persia, India, and Turkey. Initially, it is believed that hookah was constructed using wood and coconut. Hookah itself was used to smoke hashish and opium at the time.

The use of hookah is still very much popular in Middle Eastern tradition. Since then, it has gained a lot of popularity around the world. You can easily find hookah cafes in the majority of countries around the world and the trend is seriously picking up amongst the youth. So what is hookah and why is it so popular?

Hookah is a pipe that is used to smoke tobacco. The pipe utilizes cold water and heat to generate smoke from the tobacco you put inside. You heat the bowl at the top and smoke is generated which trickles down to the water, which filters the smoke. As far as the tobacco used, you don’t use the general tobacco you find in cigarettes. Flavored tobacco is used and there is a wide-variety of flavors from fruit-based flavors to custom-made flavors offered by hubbly tobacco producers.

Is smoking hubbly tobacco harmful?

Most hookah smokers will tell you that the effects of hookah are far less than that of smoking cigarettes. There are some aspects in which hookah is slightly less dangerous than cigarettes. However, it has pretty much the same impact as cigarette smoking. The pipe delivers nicotine in the same manner that it is delivered to you in cigarettes. So you won’t really dodge the negative impact of smoking by smoking hookah instead of cigarettes.

Most smokers think that filtering the tobaccos using water removes cancer-causing chemicals but that is not the case. The smoke from hookah even though it uses water causes as much damage to both the heart and lungs. It is important to note that any type of smoke is harmful to the lungs so it is recommended you smoke in moderation.

Smoking Alternatives

Smoking Alternatives: Everything to Know about Vaping

If you’re new to vaping or thinking about making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaporizers, then you’ve come to the right place. In this section, we’ll provide answers to frequently asked questions about vaping.

What is vaping?

Vaping refers to the act in inhaling vapor produced from an electronic cigarette (e-cigarette or simply e-cig) or vaporizer. The vapor comes from materials such as e-liquids (also known as e-juices), concentrates or herbs.

What is a vaporizer?

A vaporizer is an electronically-powered device that converts vaping material into vapor. The device is generally comprised of a lithium battery, main body console with buttons for applying and adjusting heat, and RDAs or atomizers (more on these later). The battery provides the power to heat gauge wires in the atomizer/clearomizer/cartomizer which then transforms the vaping material into inhalable smoke.

What are these materials?

The majority of vapers use e-liquids, which is a liquid blend of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine (optional), various sweeteners or acidifiers, and an underlying flavor concentrate (e.g. fruits, creams, tobacco). Different vaporizer devices make use of different materials.

How does it compare to smoking cigarettes?

Compared to cigarettes, vaping feels moister and heavier depending on the material used to vape. Additionally, vaping can produce a pleasant aroma and flavor if using e-liquids. Some people say that vaping and smoking are incompatible in comparison in feel or satisfaction, hence not a true replacement for cigarettes. However, the ultimate the goal of smoking is to introduce nicotine into the body. With nicotine-laced e-liquids, vaping is just another nicotine delivery system to satisfy cravings.

In terms of health, there is little conclusive evidence that vaping is more dangerous than cigarettes or vice versa. Studies are ongoing and aim at proving which smoke can cause more long-term damage to the lungs and body. However, when comparing the ingredients list of what’s in an e-juice and a cigarette, it’s clear that cigarettes contain significantly more hazardous materials to the body than e-liquids.

What is an RDA?

An RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) is a detachable piece on the vaporizer device which is used for burning materials and inhaling the produced smoke. It is a stand-alone feature which uses a heating element (thin gauge wire) to vaporize the materials. They are an essential part of operating a two- or three-piece vaporizer.

The method of applying materials in an RDA is done by simply dripping the liquid into the RDA. Within the RDA is the coiled wire and cotton which absorbs the liquid and is heated through the coils, producing inhalable smoke. With an RDA, the vaporizer doesn’t require a clearomizer or cartridge since the liquid is dripped onto the cotton when needed.

The biggest benefit of using an RDA is that it produces a fresher, more flavorful vapor. As long as the RDA is kept clean and the cotton is changed regularly, the flavor profile of the e-juice will become more prominent. The e-juice is not left for long periods in the cotton since it is burned up after each vaping session. Many so-called “vaping purists” swear by dripping as the only way to go. In instances of accidentally burning the cotton wick, the process of replacing the cotton is simple: just take out the ruined piece and replace with a fresh piece.

The most obvious problem with RDAs and dripping is the inconvenience of taking the RDA apart, applying the liquid to the cotton, reattaching the mouthpiece, and vaping. It may not sound like a big deal, but if you consider that each cotton absorbs enough liquid for roughly 10-20 hits before burning dry, then it can be a constant battle of will to not switch to a cartomizer/clearomizer. In addition to the inconvenience is the residual mess of the whole process. Applying e-juice to the cotton can be simple, or it can leave your hands and device in a sticky mess. As an extra safety measure, when using e-liquids containing nicotine, use gloves whenever dripping the e-juice into the RDA to prevent exposure to the potentially toxic chemical.

What is an atomizer?

A cartomizer is a key component to the three-piece setup. Often referred to as a “tank”, cartomizers are an e-juicecontainer which can hold several milliliters of the liquid, eliminating the need for constant refills like in the dripping process. Using a cartomizer basically means that you can go on extended vaping sessions without the need to refill the tank.

Using clearomizers can be a hassle since the refilling process is more complicated. You don’t just open the mouthpiece and drip the liquid onto to cotton, but you have to tilt the tank at an angle to prevent any liquids from falling into the central air ventilation hole. Using a syringe can be extremely helpful in the refilling process, but carrying a syringe at all times can make you appear suspicious.

To make matters worse for the clearomizer, if you accidentally burn the cotton when it is not properly saturated with liquid, then replacing the cotton piece is a long and meticulous process of opening the clearomizer, opening all the smaller components, taking out the wick, replacing the wick with an equally sized small piece of cotton, and putting the device back together.

If you’re a beginner vaper then perhaps avoid using clearomizers for the time being. You can only get so much help looking at online tutorials or asking friends before they get impatient and give you the same advice you received here: stick to using an RDA.

How do I begin?

With so many vaporizer brands and models out there, choosing the right beginner kit can be a daunting task. The first thing to do is to eliminate all of the product categories that we don’t want until we’ve reached a final conclusion.

Manufacturers make vaporizers in all shapes and sizes. The shapes range from plain rectangular to grenade to ridiculously short and fat. Whatever size fits you, go with that. Most vaporizers come with the same features. What differs among brands or models is how high the voltage, wattage, and ohms can go. Some brands offer more flexibility in reaching you ideal heat preference, while others contain simple heat readers. After selecting the right vaporizer device, the next step is to purchase the RDA or atomizer. Take a look at the market and select based on what you think is best, and not necessarily best-looking.

If all else fails, purchase a starter kit which will provide everything you need for beginner vapers. Starter kits generally come with the vaporizer device, atomizer, short length of coil, a pad of cotton for making your own cotton wicks, and USB charger cable (if the device can recharge batteries). Take a look at the instructions manual to get a good understanding of what to do and how to refill the atomizer.…

Newport Torch for Cigars

Newport Torch for Cigars Review

If you’re in need of a butane torch to light your cigar then you don’t need to go anywhere other than to Newport Zero. This company is a well-known manufacturer of simple, safe and user-friendly torches built to get stuff done. Newport Zero has a wide variety of top-quality butane torches of all shapes and sizes. The sizes and types of the torches they offer are:

Mini butane torches

These mini-sized torches were built for comfort. These torches range from 5-inches and 5.5-inches in height. The moderate size and weight of this torch makes it perfect for trips and home use.

Medium butane torches

Medium butane torches

Newport Zero’s normal-sized torches are 6-inches in height and deliver concentrated heat with adjustable flame size. Slightly taller than their mini-sized counterparts, they pack an extra punch when it comes to lighting up. Its size makes it the perfect tool for taking on outings or showcasing.

Jumbo butane torches


The jewel of the company’s butane torch catalog is the jumbo, 10-inch tall butane torch, built for style and ultimate performance. This torch is a heavy duty camping necessity and cigar-lighting overkill. The sheer size of the tank will definitely draw eyes.

Pen torches

Newport Zero Pen Torches were designed for simple and portable use. These easy to use torches are pencil-shaped, one-touch operational, and the precision flame tip can burn up to 2,500°F. The piezoelectric ignition system does not require an electricity to get things started.

Fit on Top torches

The fit on top torch is a simple contraption which is placed on the head of a Newport Zero can of butane gas, and has a feature to adjust flame size. These torches were designed for the casual user and come equipped with a flame-lock for uninterrupted use as well as a child-lock safety system. These tops are simply screwed onto the head of a Newport Butane can and you’re ready to start.

Jumbo butane torches

Newport Zero produces their butane torches with safety and simplicity in mind. Refilling the fuel tank is a cinch, and the piezoelectric igniter makes the torch just that much easier to use. Newport Zero provides three design templates for their torch products, namely Classy Solid (solid white, black, gray, pink, etc.), Luxury Colors (metallic or reflective surface), and Special Designs (Rasta patterns, Yin Yang symbols and dragons). If you’re looking to personalize your butane torch, Newport Zero also offers engraving services for your self-picked text, logo, or picture. (Note: drug-related texts and images are not accepted).


The world is saturated with tons of butane torches for lighting cigars or taking on camping trips. However, it appears that Newport Zero butane torches are easily lost among the infinite sea of torch manufacturers. There’s nothing really special with Newport Zero’s catalog of torches, but the designs and customizability are pretty fascinating.

When it comes to size, there will be people who are more comfortable with small or large torches, and Newport Zero caters to them all. In terms of functionality, all sizes perform similarly in providing a constant, concentrated flame in which to light cigars with.

If you’re looking for performance for a cigar burner, then Newport Zero’s array of butane burners is definitely worth noting. For some of their products, their torch’s flames are indeed as concentrated as the company promises, and the adjustable gas flow is easy to conrtrol. If anything, the unique designs and fancy color schemes should be an attractive enough feature to make the purchase. However, if you’re looking for value, then a regular stick match or Bic lighter can easily get the job done, albeit without the panache that Newport Zero offers.

One issue with the torch is its lifespan. Each torch comes with a lifetime warranty from manufacturer which protects the user from certain defects. However, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the post-purchase services offered by the company. After “normal” use of one year, some people found their torches either leaking fuel or not turning on at all. In most cases, it’s a simple problem that can be attributed to accidental mishandling of the product, but for others the problem existed upon unboxing the torch. This just goes to show the durability (or lack thereof) of the product to withstand travel and constant usage.

Another problem found in some of the large 10-inch models is that they do not come equipped with safety lock features, allowing for a hassle-free flame. This can be considered either a pro or a con, depending how you look at it, but in the end you’re not carrying the 10-inch torch on you. However, if left in a roughly handled bag, this could cause problems as the gas can accidentally be released and sparked. Newer models of the company’s butane torches come with the safety lock system, so if safety is a priority then opt for Newport Zero’s latest torches.

Before purchasing a butane torch from any manufacturer, please collect as much information as possible regarding the product’s safety lock system. Newport Zero has active customer service reps who are eager to answer any lingering questions you may have.

Final Word

Butane torches come and go, and for many it’s a simple purchase and repurchase from the same company. However, for Newport Zero, their torches don’t stand up to the hype they built. Newport Zero is definitely making an effort to enhance the quality of their products by ensuring safety lock features on their latest models, but the damage is done. These torches are perfect for single-use and maybe not even then. Mishandling of the product during shipping is a definite possibility when receiving opened boxes or missing components, but it’s hardly an excuse for the company to turn a blind eye to their shoddy materials and questionable manufacturing.

It pains me to say this but Newport Zero hasn’t fulfilled their promise. I used to be a regular with Newport Zero and bought several of their 6- and 10-inch models, but the last few buys just left me shaking my head. I truly hope that the company gets their act together (and fixes their website since the text seems misaligned in certain pages) and fulfills their promise of quality and easy use, but I’m not hopeful.


Shisha Pipe Pros and Cons

Shisha Pipe Pros and Cons

A shisha pipe, commonly referred to as a hookah pipe, is basically a water pipe with one or several hoses attached to the base for inhaling aromatic smoke. A pipe and bowl hold on to the tobacco bricks laced with an aromatic essence (strawberry, chocolate, or coffee). These pipes come in a selection of shapes and sizes and are sold in almost every country in the world.

Most shisha pipe smokers prefer using this device as a smoke delivery system because of the several benefits it has over traditional cigarettes. However, it also comes with its fair share of drawbacks that people need to consider. Of course, the ideal lifestyle would be to avoid tobacco at all cost, but for 1.1 billion tobacco smokers in the world today, this is much easier said than done.

If you’re a cigarette smoker who’s unsure whether using a hookah pipe is an upgrade or a downgrade, you can take a look at our list of pros and cons of smoking from this apparatus. Spoiler alert: the cons far outweigh the pros.


“Cleaner” Option

Compared to cigarettes, smoking from a hookah pipe is just a tad bit healthier. This is due to the more superior filtration process in which the smoke which comes from the tobacco bricks is sieved through the water base of the hookah pipe. The water filters out some of the toxins and chemicals used to shape the tobacco bricks, which in turn produces a cleaner, smoother smoke when it enters the lungs. However, cleaner does not mean healthy. We’ll discuss this point in the cons section.

Refreshing Smell

We talked a little bit about the smells that can be infused with the tobacco bricks. Although the brick is mainly tobacco, the flavorings and essences introduced to the bricks overpower the unattractive smell of tobacco. Thanks to the various aromas, stepping out of a hookah café won’t leave you smelling like death. In fact, you’ll end up smelling a lot like the aromatic tobacco brick you were smoking earlier. However, the smell is not a substitute for cologne or perfume since it’s only temporary and will blow away as soon as the wind blows.

Reduced Teeth Staining

Because of the way the tobacco bricks are manufactured, there is a reduced risk of leaving residual marks on your teeth compared to traditional cigarettes and cigars. Compared to cigarettes, smoking for a shisha pipe is much better for your oral health. However, over time and continued use of hookah pipes, your teeth can end up being as stained as a cigarette smoker’s or a coffee drinker’s. Just be sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day or follow your dentist’s recommendations.

Social Activity

This may seem insignificant, but one of the most prominent reasons why people go to hookah bars is to enjoy several aromatic tobacco bricks together. The shisha bong has multiple hoses connected to it so you don’t need to share pipes with others. The multiple pipes let others enjoy the same flavor you’re puffing on without any contamination, and it’s a great way to make friends with similar interests.


Risk of Cancer

Whoever says shisha smoke is less harmful than cigarette smoke is fooling themselves. First of all, introducing a foreign substance to the lungs is never a good idea, no matter how “safe” it may appear. Cigarette smoke has gotten a lot of flak in the past for causing cancer, but unfortunately, shisha hasn’t received the same negative publicity. The enormous amount of tobacco smoke and a number of chemicals – including the infused essences to make the smoke smell better – are all harmful to your lungs, possibly leading to lung cancer and other health conditions down the road.

Tobacco Dependence

The tobacco bricks are also laced with small traces of nicotine, meaning that you’re at just as much risk of tobacco dependence as you are with cigarettes. The filtration process only reduces the nicotine by minuscule amounts, meaning that the majority of the nicotine is still entering your lungs and bloodstream. Hobby shisha smokers may even become so reliant on tobacco that they eventually smoke cigarettes just to satisfy a nicotine craving, effectively destroying the argument that “hookah pipes help people quit.”

Second-Hand Smoke

It should be known that the exhaled smoke is just as hazardous as others as normal cigarette smoke would be. Granted, there aren’t as many chemicals as there are in cigarettes, but the second-hand smoke can still be harmful.


The risk of contamination is much higher than compared to cigarettes. This is because cigarettes are less commonly known to be shared among a group of people than hookah pipes. Even though they come with multiple hoses, if the hookah bong doesn’t have enough hoses to go around, then people will put themselves at risk of contracting an infectious disease just to get a puff. If your group consists of perfectly healthy people, then this isn’t a problem, but hookah smokers can be just as unhealthy as cigarette smokers.

Impairs Fitness

Impairs Fitness

Cigarette smokers are notorious for being unable to run for long periods of time. Even going up and down stairs can be a challenge, especially if someone has been smoking for almost their whole life. The fitness risks of cigarettes are also applicable to extensive hookah smokers. This means you’re putting yourself at the same risk of being less fit, less active, and requiring longer periods of time to regain strength and energy.

The Cost

Smoking is an expensive habit. Depending on where you live and how addicted you are, you’re probably spending upwards of $1,500 annually on cancer sticks. Renting a hookah bong can cost you around $25 per day, costing you nearly three times as much as cigarettes. This is in no way an argument for people to smoke cigarettes in order to avoid high hookah costs, but we’re just pointing out the wide price difference between the two. Ideally, hookah and cigarette smokers would quit their unhealthy habit, but that might be asking for too much.

Vuse Solo Review

Vuse Solo Review

Our rating: 4.3 out of 5                                    Cost: $


  • Low cost
  • Leaves a long lasting taste and really hits the throat
  • Decent battery life


  • Batteries are known to malfunction

If you are looking for a low cost, easy to use e-cigarette then the Vuse Solo is a great option. It has a classy look and feel and really provides the kick you would want from an e-cig that leaves a lasting taste.


Made with a metal body, the Vuse Solo has a classy, sleek body that will make other e-cigs jealous. When you hold it between your fingers, it certainly gives you a wonderful feeling. For its price, the design of the e-cig is certainly top-notch. It has an elegant black cartridge that matches well with the metal exterior and a ring in the middle that lights up either green or red. You won’t find a more elegant looking e-cig in this price range so it really hits the spot as far as design goes.

Another feature that really puts it apart from other e-cigs in its price range is the strong and sturdy build of the Vuse Solo. The fact that it employs metal instead of plastic should already tell you that it is built to last. It locks securely and should last as long as the higher end e-cigs in the market. Which is quite remarkable since it is priced so low.

Vaping experience

The Vuse Solo is easy to use, it’s as simple as plugging in the cartridge and taking a hit. It has a light on the tip which allows you to gauge the battery life, notifying you when it is low on battery. As far as vapor production goes, you can’t really compare it to the higher end kits. However, when you compare it to other e-cigs in its price range than the Vuse Solo is pretty much on par. A inhale of around 4 seconds will provide you with enough vapor to blow smokes and its thickness is quite consistent. It really stands out as compared to others in its class when it comes to the hit it gives your throat when you inhale. But beware, the added hit is due to the high content of nicotine the e-cig allows for, which is something you should definitely consider. Overall, the vaping experience is on par with other e-cigs in the same price range.

Our verdict

The Vuse Solo is a decent e-cig that provides a punch with every drag. The downside to that is the added intake of nicotine which makes it more dangerous than even normal cigarettes. If you want a well-designed e-cig that provides consistent, thick smoke and aren’t too bothered by the added nicotine intake then this is definitely the e-cig for you. You won’t find any other e-cig in this price range that provides you with what you need.…

Electric Smoke Pens

Top 8 Electric Smoke Pens

As vaping becomes more popular, you find a lot more selection of vape pens in the market. Picking the right one is not easy as you have to consider quite a few things. To make the choice much easier for you, we have tested and ranked the top 8 electric smoke pens in the market.

1. V2Pro Series 3x

V2Pro Series 3x

Our rating: 4.8 out of 5                    Cost: $$$

The V2Pro Series 3x is possible the best vape pen you can buy. Everything about it is excellent from the performance to its design. It has exceptional features like variable airflow and voltage that allow you to get the most from the vape juice. It also has an interchangeable atomizer so you can vaporize both VG and PG blends equally. It is more on the higher end as far as cost goes, but once you use it, you won’t mind investing a little more.

2. Halo Tracer Twist Vape Pen

Halo Tracer Twist Vape Pen

Our rating: 4.7 out of 5                    Cost: $$

Not as sleek as the V2Pro Series 3x but the Halo Tracer Twist makes up for it as far as performance goes. It is probably on par with the V2Pro Series 3x with a 4ml sub-ohm vape tank that packs power. It also comes equipped with a 2,300 mAh battery which allows users to adjust the power output from 5W to 30W combined with the tank it has makes it one of the more powerful vape pen in the market. It is also built a little sturdier than your average vape pen so will last a long time.

3. XEO Void Vape Pen

XEO Void Vape Pen

Our rating: 4.5 out of 5                    Cost: $$

If you are a beginner and looking for an easy to use vape pen then the XEO Void is the pen for you. The pen comes with a 1,500 mAh battery and a built in 2 ml vape tank. It doesn’t pack the same amount of power as the Halo Tracer Twist which makes this an ideal selection for beginners. The XEO Void also comes with protection from leaks so you make sure your vape juice is secure. The downside to this pen is that the tank is inbuilt so you can’t experiment as far as vape tanks go.

4. Halo Triton II

Triton II Starter Kit

Our rating: 4.45 out of 5                    Cost: $$

Another vape pen that is recommended for beginners, the Halo Trinton II doesn’t wow you with power but provides decent airflow to give you the vaping experience you desire. It has a stylish design and is much sleeker than the Halo Tracer Twist. It comes with 2-700 mAh batteries and for its price is a great buy.

5. MigVapor Ceramic Dry Herb Vape Pen

MigVapor Ceramic Dry Herb Vape Pen

Our rating: 4.4 out of 5                    Cost:$$$$

If you are interested in a vape pen that utilizes dry herb instead of e-juice then this is a wonderful option. It allows the most customization when it comes to dry herb vape pen. You can select the exact amount of output from 300 degree F to 43 degree F. This ensures you get the most out of the dry herb and the adjuster works well. The downside to this vape pen is definitely the price and it is also slightly bulkier than the average vape pen.

6. Keymaker Wax Vape Pen

Keymaker Wax Vape Pen

Our rating: 4.3 out of 5                    Cost: $$

As the only wax vape pen on the list, the Keymaker certainly packs power and allows for massive clouds of vapor. This may surprise most since it is quite compact and appears small. It comes with a 360 mAh battery which allows it to go up to temperatures of 455 degrees F in just the matters of seconds. So don’t let the size fool you, this vape pen for wax packs the punch and performs well enough to make our list.

JUUL Vape Pen

JUUL Vape Pen

Our rating: 4.2 out of 5                    Cost: $$

JUUL is not like the vape pen on this list simply because it doesn’t offer much customization. It is smaller than the average pen and not refillable. Which is why it is lower down on the list. It however, packs a lot of flavor and is easy to use which is why we had to make sure to put it on the list. It has a classy and sleek design and definitely a vape pen you should try out.

V2Pro Series 3x Dry Herb

V2Pro Series 3x Dry Herb

Our rating: 4.2 out of 5                    Cost: $$$$

If you are looking for a vape pen that allows you to use dry herb and e-juices then this is the pen for you. But it doesn’t just stop there, you can also use wax concentrates making this a 3-in-1 combo. It is much more expensive but the added benefits to make it worthwhile. The lightweight design which is similar to the V2Pro series 3x is what makes this vape pen a great buy.…

The Best Selling Social Smoke for your Hookah Pipe

The Best Selling Social Smoke for your Hookah Pipe

When it comes to flavor, everybody has their own personal preference. It’s impossible to find one single flavor that will draw the same amount of satisfaction for each and every smoker out there. Or is it?

The number of flavors out there has rapidly increased in the last couple of years, mainly due to the hookah pipe’s increasing popularity and less punishing social stigma that exists around it. Today, it’s going to be impossible to identify which flavor suits every person best, but based on the history of sales of certain flavors, we can determine which flavors sell best. This article is going to focus on the 8 best selling flavors out there.

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors – Watermelon and Mint

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors is arguably the most unique and amazing shisha brick producers out there. This UAE-based company ships their original and remarkable flavors to countries all over the world. Their best selling item, Watermelon and Mint, is a high-grade shisha with the perfect blend of cool and sweet summer watermelon. The cool throat hit that extinguishes the heat of the sun, mixed with the refreshing agua fresca taste has made this shisha a must-try flavor for people in all regions.

The shisha is packed in a 250 gram can, enough for around 20 hookah bowls. The smooth, light, and fruity taste of the blend is a unique experience that people need to try at least once. The lingering aroma is pure awesomeness, but we wish that the throat hit was just a little stronger.

Social Smoke – Absolute Zero

The second best social smoke for your hookah pipe has to be Social Smoke’s Absolute Zero. This item also comes with the wintry, cool taste of menthol and peppermint. On a side note, some of the best selling hookah bricks are laced with mint or menthol for that refreshing feel down the throat and into the lungs.

Social Smoke produces some delicious mixes without use of artificial coloring, reducing the amount of additives we put into our bodies (a plus in our book). This US-based manufacturer makes their Absolute Zero with high-quality tobacco leaves straight from Germany. The company specializes in making strong, minty flavors.

If you want to try Absolute Zero, you need to act quickly since this product sells out in a blink of the eye.

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors – Double Apple

You know what’s better than one? Two. Al Fakher makes another chart-topping flavor known as Double Apple. This flavor is a blend of licorice, red delicious and granny smith, so you’re getting the best of all worlds. Not sure if you prefer tart over sweet? Try this tobacco brick and find out.

Some users even recommend first-time hookah smokers to smoke this blend since it delivers great flavor, smoothness in the throat, without the kickback that licorice-spiked tobacco tends to have.

Starbuzz – Sex on the Beach

This shisha brick is the same flavor as the cocktail it takes its name from. Numerous shisha producers have attempted the impossible and tried to incorporate an alcoholic-taste to their bricks, but they’ve always fallen short. This isn’t true for Starbuzz, and their alcohol-free alcohol-tasting blend is one to try.

Just like the drink, Sex on the Beach is a blend of fruits, including pineapple, orange, pomegranate, and cranberry. This is definitely a refreshing change of pace if you’re a mint-exclusive kind of smoker.

Starbuzz – Flower Power

Starbuzz makes another appearance on our list with their game-changing Flower Power can of shisha. Imagine inhaling the sweet taste of Skittles. That’s exactly what this shisha tastes like. This is definitely much different to the classic rose or jasmine shisha we see flooding the market.

This blend has a medium sweetness, full-body flavor, and produces a heck ton of smoke. If you’re looking for both smoke density and flavor, Flower Power is definitely the way to go.

Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Hookah Tobacco – Orange Keef

Don’t be put-off by the name of the company. Ugly Hookah Tobacco produces some of the best flavors available on the market. We especially like this company for their consistency in making high-quality, throat-grabbing, drive-us-crazy flavors. One of our favorites (and the world’s favorite, based on the sales data) is the Orange Keef.

As the name suggests, Orange Keef is a citrus-spiked shisha which adds a much-needed tang to their full-bodied tobacco taste. Not that we hate the tobacco taste, but the sweet and sour hint of orange makes this flavor one of the minty flavored shishas out there, especially when the mint begins to roll over your tongue and into your throats, giving it a minuscule tickle.

Pure Tobacco – Citrus Ice

As we mentioned before, wintry mint flavorings are a popular choice. Not just because they cool you down in the heat, but because they’re smooth in the throat and light in the lungs. Pure Tobacco makes some pretty awesome flavors, our personal favorite being Citrus Ice.

The company is famous for mixing both mint and peppermint into their shisha, but the citrus goodness really cuts through the double-cooling action. This flavor is a blend of an assortment of citrus fruits including grapefruit, lime, and orange. It’s a bit tangier than the Orange Keef by Ugly Hookah Tobacco, but in a good way.

Nakhla Shisha – Peach

One flavor that e-liquid and shisha makers tend to neglect is sweet peach. Nakhla Shisha has been experimenting with a wide assortment of flavors, but their Peach shisha sets this brand apart from the others. The now uses peppermint to spike their shisha with a refreshing breeze, appealing to the large cold-shisha-loving market out there.

There’s nothing that needs to be said about this flavor, in our opinion. Peach is a truly unique flavor that you don’t run into that often. We would have liked for the peach flavoring to be a little bit stronger, but we can forgive them for giving the nectarine more publicity in the smoke industry. We love almost all of Nakhla Shisha’s products, but the world seems to be in love with their peach flavored tobacco bricks most of all.

Heart Shaped Smoke Ring

How to Blow a Heart Ring

Whether you smoke shisha or love to vape, chances are you are well aware of the variety of cool ways to blow the smoke. Learning cool ways to blow smoke only impresses friends but also keeps you entertained while you smoke. It is slightly easier to blow smoke in different ways with shisha a vape because the smoke is slightly heavier than that of a cigarette. However, without proper technique and a little practice, you won’t be able to get much done.

Our tips of blowing a heart ring, will not only impress your friends but also can be a romantic gesture for your other half. The following steps should help you achieve it:

  1. You want to start by inhaling as much smoke as you possibly can. A trick to taking in more smoke is, slightly lowering your jaw. This allows your mouth to take in more smoke. The more smoke you have, the more hearts you can make.
  2. After inhaling the smoke, open your mouth in the shape of an “O.” Keeping the smoke in, you can make a coughing gesture. Nothing too intense, just a small cough from your throat. The coughing motion shouldn’t be audible, that is how low intensity it needs to be.
  3. When you cough, it will push a ring of smoke out of your mouth.
  4. Once you have the ring down, you can try blowing out hearts.
  5. Follow the steps you did for the ring, as soon as the ring comes out of your mouth, you need to snap your fingers at the top of the ring. The process of snapping your finger on top of the ring will generate an air current that will alter the top and bend it. Make sure when you snap, it isn’t too strong. Otherwise, it will completely break the top of the ring off.

Once you have it down, you can easily blow more than one ring or alternate between a ring and heart. To ensure you have the right environment to perform this task, you need to make sure that there is no external air current in the room. So make sure all the doors and windows are closed. It may take some time to get the process down but don’t give up. Remember, you need to be gentle with the coughing motion when blowing the smoke out of your mouth and also when snapping your finger. You should be able to perfect the procedure after a little effort. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try it.…

Vape Trick Tornado On A Dark Background

Impress Your Friends With a Vape Tornado

If you are an avid vape user, you probably know that there are tons of cool ways to blow your smoke. Learning these various different ways to blow smoke allows you to impress your friends. These may look hard, but with a little practice and technique, you can easily perfect these tricks. So if you are ready to be cooler, we will teach you how to blow a vape tornado.

In order to perform a vape tornado, you will need a paper towel roll besides your vape or hookah. This will initially require a lot of practice, it isn’t easy as it requires concentration and a bit more than just blowing the smoke out a certain way. Here are the steps to blowing a vape tornado.

  1. You want to ensure you are in a room with zero air current. So shut all the windows and doors and make sure you are in a nice and quiet room. You will also need a flat, clean surface for you to blow the smoke on, so make sure that is present in the room.
  2. Get the paper towel roll ready, it’s easier if you get a roll that has no paper towel on it, makes it much easier to manage. You can even use a toilet roll if you like.
  3. Once you have your vape or hookah going, you start by inhaling as much smoke as you can. The more smoke you can manage, the better it the tornado.
  4. With the smoke inhaled, grab the paper towel roll and blow smoke through it, in a diagonal manner towards the surface.
  5. As you blow the smoke, you want to swipe it with your hand, upwards. The impact of the swipe upwards will form tornados.

The impact of your hand’s movement upward creates a split in the smoke and introduces air to the area which helps form the tornado. It may not be easy to do it on your first try, so you need to keep at it until you get it right. This is not the hardest of tricks but does require some practice. Once you master it, you can show off to your friends at parties.

When you perform a vape tornado, you want to make sure of the following:

  • The table surface should be cool. Smoke generally disappears faster on a hot surface, it sort of sticks to cooler ones so keeping it cool will help the smoke last a little longer.
  • You can experiment with the movement of your hand. This will allow you the perfect the tornado. The movement doesn’t have to be straight upward, so try different angles of moving your hand.
  • You need to blow gently through the paper towel roll otherwise the smoke will just go everywhere.

Smoke tricks are an easy way to impress your friends. So try this one out. Not only will you be the talk of the party but you will have your friends asking you to teach them.…