SoeX Herbal Molasses

3 Best Non Tobacco Hookahs

Smoking is a habit, once caught it is really hard to get rid of. Smoking is detrimental to the body and so there are alternatives that one can take us as an alternative. Hookah is one of the alternatives to smoking. It isn’t exactly harmless but it is considered lesser of the two evils.

Hookah has become popular with the youth, teens and young adults have been flocking to hookah bars for years now. There are different type of hookah’s you find and non-tobacco hookahs are picking up steam. We have reviewed the 3 best non tobacco hookahs for you so you know exactly what to try when you go to your favorite hookah bar.

Hydro Herbal Shisha

Hydro Herbal Shisha

Rating: 4.5 out of 5                    Cost:$

Hydro Herbal Shisha has been leading the industry when it comes to tobacco and nicotine-free hookah smoke. Instead of tobacco they use an herbal alternative. Their recipe is a secret, however many believe that bagasse, sugar cane fibre, is used as a base for the shisha.

For our review, we tested two flavors Hydro offers, pineapple and raspberry. The cut of both the shisha was similar, it looked like fine grass in molasses. Both smelled exactly like their respective fruits, however the pineapple scent was slightly stronger. When we tested it out, we got a lot of flavor from both. Hydro Herbal Shisha really packs on the flavor, leaves you with the feeling of almost as if you just had the fruit. The best part about it, the hookah is buzz free. All in all, the hookah is great you get all the pleasure of smoking without the tobacco plus the richness of flavor is an added bonus. Hydro Herbal Shisha has countless fruit and other flavors, so you will surely figure out a few or more to your liking.


Wide-variety of flavors

Strong smell and flavor

Tobacco free


Produces a lot of smoke

SoeX Herbal Molasses

SoeX Herbal Molasses

Rating: 4.3 out of 5                    Cost:$

Made from sugar cane extracts and herbs, the SoeX Herbal Molasses is definitely a hookah you should try. Since many cities are now banning tobacco hookahs, non tobacco hookahs are becoming ever more popular. SoeX has made sure that the flavor and feeling remain the same as tobacco hookah without actually containing any tobacco or nicotine.

SeoX Herbal Molasses is fine grass cut in molasses, like Hydro. We tried the chocomint flavored hookah and must admit it had a kick to it. The smoke was full of flavor and fragrance, but we felt it burned out a little quicker than we were expecting. It also left sort of a bland aftertaste in our mouth and the room smelled of mint afterwards, which wasn’t too bad. Overall, SoeX Herbal Molasses was filled with flavor, however the aftertaste it left wasn’t really that appealing. If you aren’t careful with the charcoal, it can burn a lot quicker than you expect, so monitor that closely as you enjoy the wide-variety of flavors of SoeX Herbal Molasses.



Smells good and leaves a nice scent


Leaves a bland aftertaste

Heaven Leaf Teabacco Shisha

Heaven Leaf Teabacco Shisha

Rating: 4.1 out of 5                    Cost:$

Heaven Leaf Teabacco Shisha brings two addictions in to one, drinking tea and smoking, well sort of. Made with a base of tea leaf, Heaven Leaf Teabacco Shisha is 100% tobacco and nicotine-free. It uses natural black tea leaves and infuses it with flavor and glycerine so it is full of flavor. The tea leaf also adds a subtle hint of tea to the flavor which is good if you like tea.

Heaven Leaf Teabacco Shisha has over 41 flavors ranging from aromatic, fruity, to sweet. We tried their cotton candy flavor and it truly felt like we were eating cotton candy. It also had a fragrance of vanilla, blueberry, and raspberry which blended well leaving us wanting more. It produced a lot of smoke, that can be contributed to the use of vegetable glycerine in the hookah. Overall, the hookah was good. Just the texture of the product wasn’t as appealing as the Hydro or Soex.


Full of flavor

Hint of tea, if you like tea

Wide-range of flavors


Hint of tea, if you don’t like tea

Texture of the mixture wasn’t as fine as we would have liked

So with that we end our list. Hookahs are a fun alternative to smoking and you can easily find the brands we reviewed in a local hookah bar near you. When smoking hookah please be aware there are a few risks, even with non-tobacco hookahs. It may be less harmful than smoking but studies have shown that it can still be a cause of cancer and other lung problems. So please smoke with caution.…

Cherry Bomber Box Mod

Cherry Bomber Box Mod Review

The Cherry Bomber Box Mod is a fully mechanical mod that promises clouds to all who partake in vaping. It has an engraving that reads, “You want clouds? We got clouds!” That’s what we all want from our vapes, right!?

This excellent mod also has a deep impression of beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some might not like it) bomber art, including a sexy version of Jessica Rabbit posing in front of a star logo. On the side, another etching says, “Vape Made Only in the Philippines. Masterpiece. Custom Vapes.” These engravings are perfectly executed and give the mod a touch of class unlike any other.

Perhaps the best engraving is one that boldly states, “F#*% All Cloners.” (Excuse the language.) It’s ironic that the clone itself has this message on it as well. There are a few other engraved details in this mod that also make its appearance appealing to the eye, especially the “0077” code that gives it a more official look.

This vape mod requires two dual 18 650 batteries that you must tighten with a screwdriver. It can be a hassle for some to constantly do this, but there are tiny screwdrivers that you can carry with you anywhere. If you’re really committed to vaping, this won’t present that big of a problem. The back slides off easily, and although the magnet is a bit weak, it has a couple of ridges that prevent it from falling.

Some benefits of this hard-hitting mod include:

  • Great flavor
  • All copper contacts
  • No wires
  • Fits well in your hand
  • All mechanical
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Locks with button rotation
  • Fine tune connection

This quality mod has a great value for its cost, especially when purchasing the clone instead of the authentic. This vape mod is one of the best out on the market today, and you don’t even have to buy the authentic one.


Both the clone and the authentic function similarly and will create thick clouds for all vaporizer lovers. There is only one downside to this mechanical mod, and both versions have it, but there is a simple solution.

Since the body is part of the mod’s circuitry, you can prompt an auto-fire if your atomizer touches the body itself. Therefore, it’s imperative you use a cartomizer, tank or atomizer that’s 22mm or less. What happens when the atty touches the body is that it completes the circuit just as pressing the button would.

Again, if at any point your atomizer makes contact with the body, your vape will set itself off without you ever pushing the button. Not only can this harm your vaporizer, it’s also possible that you get hurt.

Now, besides this one issue, the Cherry Bomber is a must have if you love to make huge clouds when vaping. The clone serves the same purpose as the authentic version, but you’ll save over $200 USD when purchasing the clone.

Other cons of this mod include:

  • You need screwdriver to change batteries
  • 510 connection unscrews easily when atomizer is tightened
  • Heavy
  • Weak spring in button
  • Not for beginners

If you are not an experienced vaporizer aficionado, this mod may not be suitable for you. Sure, it’s great to blow thick clouds, but the maintenance it requires will prove to be a daunting task.

Not only that, you can end up spending more money if it ever malfunctions with an atty measuring over 22mm. At this point, your investment in a mod will go down the drain.

This mod is not one you can just drop in your bag and go. The spring is also pretty thin and causes overheating issues that only an experienced vaporizer enthusiast can fix.

Overall, the mod is excellent if you know what you’re doing. You will not leave fingerprints on the solid aluminum that has a pleasant brushed finish.

If you’re new at this activity and do not mind tinkering with the few downsides, then feel free to pick this mod up. It will be a great way to learn about mods and how to fix any mishaps.

If you just want to vape comfortably, though, look for alternatives that will be easier to upkeep. Having problems with your mod will discourage you from getting more in the future, so it would be wise to choose a simpler mod.

For all you experienced vaporizer lovers, this mod is for you! You will love its design, durability, and the thick clouds it produces. The flavor is also second to none, and the price is unbeatable.

Remember that the parts are replaceable so you can make this mod even better with stronger magnets and better springs. But that is not necessary, it will vape perfectly straight out of the box.

Happy vaping!…

Best Vape Mod Starter Kits

What Are The Best Vape Mod Starter Kits for 2017?

In this article, we’re going to look at some of the greatest vape mod starter kits for 2017. If you’re new to the vaping world, this particular market can be difficult to navigate for beginners. With this review, we will only discuss the vape mod starter kits that beginners should consider in their first forays into vaping. Vaping kits can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. What you need for your first starter kit will largely depend on what you are looking for in a kit.

These recommendations can best be used by people who are looking for their first vape starter kit. All of these kits are user friendly. You can purchase these kits from excellent and reputable sellers that offer good warranties and customer service.

JUULBest Vape Mod Starter Kits: JUUL

The Juul is one of the more advanced starter kits being sold today. It contains the technology of a device half its size. This vaper uses a system that any beginner can learn to use with ease before long. That’s because they won’t have to mess with any e-liquids, wattage settings, or coils. All you will have to do is plug your pod into the Juul and you’re ready to start vaping. You can choose from 4 different flavored pods, which costs less than $20 for a pack of 4. If you want to vape for the first time and are looking for a starter kit that is easy to use, then Juul is right for you.

Pros and Cons

Some of the pros include a high level of nicotine, an easy charge, and a beautiful design. The only con is that the battery life, at 200mAh, is quite low.

Best Vape Mod Starter Kits: V2 VERTX Plus Starter Kit

The Vertx Plus is a perfect vape starter kit for beginners because it has e-liquid pods that are already filled. All you have to do is slide them smoothly into place with a connection involving magnets. You won’t have to mess around with e-liquid bottles or coils. Once you slide the pods into place, you can start the vaping. The Vertx Plus has a touch screen where you can increase or decrease your voltage. It also contains a battery meter that tells you when you need to recharge. If you don’t want a touch screen, you can purchase the Vertx Plus for about $50 less.

Pros and Cons

The magnetic pod system, touch screen, and battery are all big draws. The only real con to the Vertx Plus is the placement of the firing button. It kind of makes the process a bit harder for beginners. But most people will get used to it after a while. The product really is worth this minor hassle.

V2 EX Series E-Liquid Starter Kit

Best Vape Mod Starter Kits: V2 EX Series E-Liquid Starter Kit

If you want to purchase one of the more advanced cig-a-likes on the market, then you should consider purchasing the V2 EX Series E-Liquid Starter Kit. This reviewer recommends that beginners get the e-liquid kit. That’s because the e-liquid kit comes with clearomizers that create a large amount of vapor for such a small kit. If you’re a beginner that doesn’t want to refill any clearomizers, then you can purchase the cartomizer kits. This kit features a battery indicator and has a very long battery life for a cig-a-like. If you’re just getting off cigarettes, the V2 EX Series Starter Kit is a perfect start to your vaping journey.

Pros and Cons

Its small size and nicotine options act as good reasons why you should buy the V2 EX Series. There are no real cons other than that the cig-a-like is a bit bigger than an actual cigarette. However, this shouldn’t bother most beginner vapers.

Vaporfi Express Starter Kit

Vaporfi Express Starter Kit

If you’re looking for a stealthy vape that is full of flavor, look no further than the Vaporfi Express Starter Kit. The kit has two batteries that each have a different size and capacity. The larger has a better battery life while the smaller one promises a high amount of portability. This starter kit also comes with three mini-tanks and a carrying case. If you’re so inclined, you can even make your own e-liquid blend. The mini-tanks, or clearomizers, give you a lot of vapor and flavor for such a small tank. Vaporfi gives all of its customers a 30-day money back guarantee and excellent customer service. If you’re looking for great flavor from your vape starter kit, then you should buy the Vaporfi Express Starter Kit.

Pros and Cons

Not only do you get great flavor with the Vaporfi, you can also create your own e-liquid. The Vaporfi is pricier than other kits, but it’s well worth the price.

Halo Reactor Mini

Halo Reactor Mini

If you’re looking for great variable wattage mods that are easy to use, have good ergonomics, contain a lot of power, and come with a long-lasting battery, then you should consider the Halo Reactor Mini. So many vape mod pens on the market are really advanced for beginner vapers. The Halo Reactor gives you a lot of that same power without all of the fuss that you would get from the other mod vaping pens.

The pen features 40 watts of power and 2600mAh hours of battery life. Not only does this pen perform at an amazing rate, you won’t have to learn any technical information in order to use it. While this is not a pen for an absolute beginner, you can keep the Halo Reactor in mind for when you want to graduate from the “Vaping 101” pens.

Pros and Cons

With the Halo Reactor, you’ll get an easy to use pen that has 40 watts of power. The only real downside to this pen is that it doesn’t come with any temperature control mechanism. Most users who rated this pen highly didn’t see this as much of a problem. They adjusted their use accordingly.…

IPv3 Box Mod

IPv3 Box Mod Review

Why Use The IPv3 Box Mod?

The IPv3 Box Mod is a special device that provides power to your next vaping build. You may create any build you want, and you will add more power to it by using this device. It was create to improve on the IPv2, and you will find that it is a much more consistent way to power your devices. This device comes with a few features you will appreciate, and you may will find it quite easy to use once you begin your work.…


10 Best E-Juice Flavors

Are you new to the fascinating world of vaping? Are you an adolescent in this mind-boggling universe? Are you an established vaping enthusiast? It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or a seasoned player in this awe-inspiring game, you will always be on the lookout for the best e juice flavors in the trade. That is where this article comes into the picture. We offer a countdown on the finest flavors available in the market now.

1. Boosted (Boosted E Juice): The Boosted e juice brand is inarguably the most preferred one by a clear majority of the vapers all around the world. The vendor’s story to fame is as interesting as the taste of the e juice itself. An experienced vaper for several years past, Cory Vigil from Denver, Colorado, carefully assessed the needs of the general vaping public and concocted a range of e juice flavors that took the market by storm. The brand has a particular flavor which is heavily favored by most of its dedicated users, which goes by its namesake, Boosted.

In the year 2014, this unique flavor with a subtle hint of strawberry ruled the charts by quite a margin, and it continues to do so three years later. This flavor combines the taste of a vintage strawberry milkshake with that of the cream, and this concoction makes for the perfect e juice which you can blissfully puff at for hours on end. It comes with a PG/VG ratio of 40/60, thus providing an exceptional throat hit along with thickly clouded vapors. You can find five different nicotine levels of the product – 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg – perfectly lined up for those looking to reduce their intake by substantial degrees. It is currently priced at $19.99 for a 30-ml bottle.

2. Smurf Cake (Vape Wild E Juice): Vape Wild is one of the few e liquids that come with variable VG content. You can choose from a wide range of PG/VG ratios from 20% VG to more than 80% VG. Among the many flavors offered by the brand, the one that stands out is the Smurf Cake. It is a blend of blueberry and cheesecake, two of the most appetizing delicacies today.

The vendor essentially believes in producing the best e juice flavors at staggeringly affordable prices. Would you believe me if I stated that this enticingly rare blend costs just a measly $6.99 for a 30-ml bottle? You will have no choice but to believe it because it is the irrefutable truth. We would also suggest that you try out its Sweet Complexity flavor, a fine blend of cinnamon, banana, vanilla, sugar, and wait for it, the good ol’ rum!).

3. Oh-Face (Beantown Vapor): True to its name, every Beantown e juice gives out a smell of rich beans combined with many other authentic flavors. If you haven’t tried out the Oh-Face already, give it a go; we assure you that you are bound to enjoy it. It consists of a fine concoction of cream and strawberries. The taste of strawberry is pretty strong on the buds, but it doesn’t exactly overwhelm you. The after-taste will definitely stay on the tips of your tongue for a long time to come.

The nicotine levels that this product comes range from 0-mg to 18-mg. The PG/VG ratio is a constant 33/67 and it will cost you around $17.99 for a 30-ml bottle, but the taste will certainly be more than worth the price.

Additionally, we would recommend Beantown’s Soul Custardy which combines the sumptuous flavors of vanilla custard, bourbon, butterscotch, brown sugar, and graham cracker. This one is complexity at its best.

4. Unicorn Milk (Cuttwood): The one vendor from the glamorous city of Los Angeles that shines out is the Cuttwood Sauce Boss. Quality is what this e juice producer favors above all else. And regardless of the quantity of the resources spent in brewing the liquid, he will always sell it at a reasonable price, though most might find it quite hefty.

Unicorn Milk has established its own territory in the niche, always reeling in potential fans after every use. You will get to experience the faint taste of cream along with a steady flow of strawberry. This one, again, is available in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18-mg nicotine strengths, thus providing a variety for aspiring vapers to reduce or increase their nicotine intake according to their requirements.

The PG/VG ratio has not been disclosed by the manufacturers, but given the degree of throat hit and the amount of vapor produced, we would hark a guess at a moderate ratio preferred by a majority of the general vaping public. The product is reasonably priced at $11.99 per 15 ml bottle, far above the average rate. However, the unique blend will simply blow your mind, making you crave for more of this remarkable e juice flavor.

5. Mother’s Milk (Suicide Bunny): This brand is widely considered to be the e juice favored by the elite. The price does the product complete justice. Costing over $22 for a 30-ml vial it packs the punch of even the strongest of e liquids combined. This sublime blend will induce even the heaviest of smokers to switch to the relatively healthier alternative.

The female vendor named Pip has an exciting story to tell regarding her inspiration for brewing this amazing product. Pip’s husband used to be a chain smoker. He had already tried out the various vaping flavors available in the market, but just couldn’t hold onto one. Knowing her husband’s tastes very well, Pip ventured to create an e juice that would eventually go on to satisfy her husband’s taste buds, including those of several vapers in the world.

We only ask that you go beyond the hype surrounding this e juice flavor and savor it at your leisure. You are bound to enjoy it for many lifetimes to come. Multiple nicotine strengths can be found for the e liquid, specifically 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, and 18 mg. Please note that this is only brand that offers 1.5-mg of nicotine content in its repertoire.

6. Deviant (Sicboy): You would be hard put to find a vaping club that doesn’t contain at least one Sicboy vaper in its midst. This brand is hugely famous, and not without reason. It was established only a couple of years ago, but has enjoyed a formidable position in hall of fame for quite some time now.

Deviant, its most popular flavor, has a cherry delight tipped into its vanilla ice-cream seasonings. The exquisitely light cherry flavor in the liquid will leave an exotic aftertaste on your tongue. This flavor is the perfect combination of creaminess and fruitiness in any e juice flavor. The price might be on the higher side, costing $19.99 for a 30-ml …


5 Best Hookah Pens of 2017

If you’re looking for the best hookah pens, look no further than these five. Hookah pens – or shisha pens, if you prefer – offer all the convenience of vaping along with a touch of the exotic flair of visiting a hookah bar – except with no hookah bar required. Read on to learn the best features of these popular e-smoking instruments.

Remember to read the ingredients carefully, since some of these e-hookahs come loaded with e-juice that contains nicotine and others contain no nicotine.

1. 800-Puff Nicotine-Free E-Hookah Vape Pen

800-Puff Nicotine-Free E-Hookah Vape PenThese pre-charged, pre-filled hookah-style vape pens are disposable and come in nine different flavors. With a battery capacity of 380mAh, they feature diamond LED light-up tips. Everything you need for a tasty and enjoyable smoke is included, with no need to buy additional juice separately or any other accessories. Talk about convenience.

These hookah pens come in color choices of pink, purple, blue, yellow, orange, and green, so you can get one to go with each of your outfits for almost a full week. The voltage is 3.7V and each hookah pen weighs 38 grams. The LED colors are white, green, red, and yellow. And with no nicotine, these are a great choice for anyone who’s trying to wean themselves off of cigarettes; this way you get the flavor and the feel of a good smoke without the buzz.

2. Shisha Time Disposable E-Shisha Hookah Pen

Shisha Time Disposable E-Shisha Hookah PenThese disposable hookah pens come juiced up and fully charged for up to 500 puffs. No need to push a button – simply take a drag, just as you do with a real hookah. Here’s what you don’t get: Nicotine, tar, ash, or smoke. You do, however, get a burst of exotic flavor and a light-up tip. They come in many, many flavors, but here is only a small sampling of the offerings:

  • Banana
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Coffee
  • Green Tea
  • Lemon
  • Menthol
  • Passion Fruit
  • Strawberry
  • Taro (like the Polynesian root, it has a sweet, vanilla-like, nutty flavor)
  • Watermelon

You really can’t get much more convenient than this, a simple, small, portable hookah pen you use once, then dispose of.

3. VaporFi Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kit

VaporFi Boom Vapor Hookah Starter Kit

This is the kit for those who prefer something reusable. Available in black, blue, green, or red, these starter kits contain everything you need to get started with a personal hookah that works like a cross between a traditional hookah and a vape pen, complete with satisfying bubbling sound. (The sound is optional – if you don’t like the bubbling sound, you can switch it off.) The VaporFi Boom Vapor Hookah produces decent vapor, too.

The kit includes:

  • 2200 mAh, 4.2 volt Battery
  • 2 Reusable 1.3 ml, Bottom-Fill Clearomizer Tanks
  • Reusable Mouth Piece
  • User Manual
  • Wall Charger

About 14.3 inches long, this hookah pen has a single button and is easy to use. The vape juice tanks can be changed simply by unscrewing the bottom of the device, which is about the size of a small flashlight. After removing the rubber stoppers, users remove the tanks, fill them, screw them back into place, replace the rubber stoppers, then screw the bottom piece back on.

Because the e-juice tanks are independent, you can either fill them both with the same flavor of e-juice or mix and match to create your own unique flavor combinations.

4. White Rhino Blacklight Electronic Hookah Pen

These small, disposable e-hookah pens offer a choice of flavors and the convenience of portability. White Rhino offers a choice of ten different flavors. Eight of them have 6 mg of nicotine apiece. The remaining two flavors, designed to appeal to the traditional cigarette smoker, have 24 mg of nicotine apiece – these are Menthol and Tobacco flavors. Other e-juice flavors are:

  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate
  • Coconut
  • Grape
  • Mango
  • Peach
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon

With these convenient e-hookah pens, you get great flavor and, yes, pretty decent clouds too. This is the option for you if you want the convenience of a disposable AND the nicotine buzz.

5. Viking E-Hookah Electronic Hookah Pen Vape

We happen to know for a historical fact that these were the same disposable e-hookah pens used by the real Vikings when they set out to see to rob and pillage. Okay, that part’s not true, but they do offer about 800 puffs apiece and come fully charged with e-juice, so there’s no need to buy any other supplies with them. They also come in ten flavors, have light-up tips, and contain no nicotine. Flavor choices include Banana Split, Grape Mint (yep, Grape Mint), Mint Chocolate, Piña Colada, and Strawberry Cream.

For our money, these five e-hookah pens are the best shisha pens on the market. Whether you’ve been to a hookah bar and can’t get enough of the flavor and the experience or you simply want to shake up your vaping routine, try any of these hookah pens. It comes fully charged with approximately 600 puffs of e-liquid.


Disposable hookah pen- review of top brands

A disposable hookah pen is of great advantage for so many reasons; the residues are very easy to clean up, it can be enjoyed indoor without creating health hazards to non-smokers, it does not create a yellowing of the teeth, and it is very easy to travel with it. The disposable hookah pen can save you more money on the long run, considering the fact that an ideal pen can give you up to 800 puffs or even more. The pen’s liquid can also be found everywhere, you can switch from one taste to another. Hookah pen does not generate tar, hence it will not damage your longs, likewise the disposable pen is safer for the environment, because it does not generate carbon monoxide.

Review of top disposable hookah pen brands

Here are some of the best disposable hookah pen brands you may want to consider this year;

#1: The Smooth E-Hookah pen

This disposable hookah pen is quite unique in every way, it comes with LED lights that will indicate the level of juice and the pen will allow you to vape without being worried about dry throat problems. This pen comes in different nicotine levels as well as colours that are aesthetically appealing. This brand of disposable pen is also affordable.

#2: FLYTlab Fuse

This is one disposable hookah pen that promise to blow your mind away. This pen has two cartridges which means it provides a longer vaping experience. This brand allows you to blend different flavour for a richer taste and unique vaping. Flytlab is one of the favourite disposable hookah pens.

#3: Fantasia hookah pen

This is one of the best hookah pen brands you should consider because to offers the widest range of flavours. The delicious flavour are so clean that you can get addicted instantly. Another major advantage of this hookah pen is that it gives up to 800 hits before you dispose the cigarette off, which makes it one of the best cost-effective hookah pens around. If you want to puff all day continuously, you may go for the rechargeable Fantasia hookah pen. Click here to buy it!

#4: Hydro herbal

Hydro herbal disposable hookah pen is one of the most preferred disposable hookah products of the year, and most especially for its rich fruity and herbal flavours. This brand is completely safe and there has been no record of allergies from using it.

#5: V-2 cigarette mini hookah pens

V-2 is one of the best disposable cigarettes for beginners, who want to try out. The liquids vary and the hookah pen is very convenient. V-2 disposable cigarettes are very affordable and they are some of the best preferred disposable pens around.

#6: Starbuzz E-House

This brand is the number one line of disposable hookah pens in the world, and this brand is known for giving you the feeling of the traditional hookah. The E-house brands are known to produce huge vapour clouds, however, it does not produce tar nor tobacco, and it is a premium brand that still offers great affordability for users. This brand also comes with a wide range of colour and flavours.

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#7: The Neo senses disposable hookah pen

This is one of the best disposable hookah pens around, this brand comes at an amazingly affordable price without compromising its quality and standard. Aside from its affordable prices, this hookah pen comes with one of the most stylish and sleek designs that will make you very proud to carry it around.

#8: Tsunami E hookah

This hookah pen is mostly known for creating smaller vapour clouds, however, it comes at one of the most affordable prices you can ever ask for.

#9 NE- where Hookah pen

This is an elegant and stylish pen, with a sleek design. The pen is lightweight, hence it is more convenient for travelers and those who want to smoke on the go. If you are looking for a hookah pen to keep you busy all the time, then this brand is what you need. Disposable and non-disposable NE hookah pens do come with varying warranty hence their durability is guaranteed.

The bottom line

Getting a disposable hookah pen is worth taking sometime to research, this will help you make the right choices. You need to check the durability as well as the number of puffs you can get from the disposable pen- normally, an ideal disposable pen must be able to provide up to 800 puffs in its entire lifecycle. The more the puff the better the price bargain for your chosen pen.

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E Shisha Liquid- choosing the nicotine strength of your E liquid

As an E shisha smoker, you will definitely want to choose the strength of your liquid, and you definitely want your e liquid to match your present nicotine level. The reasons for choosing the strength of your shisha liquid are straightforward- too little or low strength may not satisfy you, and too high strength may be too intense for you to handle. Choosing the ideal nicotine level will also ensure that you switch in-between different vapourizers and e-cigarettes much easily and enjoyably.

Most health care professionals will recommend that, when getting a replacement nicotine product, you should go for the one that has the same or similar levels of nicotine as your previous Shisha product in order to create a successful transition from one to the other. Your body will always crave for the normal amount of nicotine it is used to, therefore you need to choose E shisha liquid strength with care.

Too low E shisha liquid strength

Due to the fact that your body has fully adjusted to certain amount of nicotine in it, going for a replacement shisha liquid with less nicotine means your body will crave for extra smoking, and that means you will indulge in compensation smoking, tis also means, you will eventually vape more to make up for your body’s craving. Customizing and changing your usual nicotine strength may not be as simple as it seems, it would be better if you take a gradual approach. The 8mg nicotine levels in E Shisha liquid is consider to be moderate for some people and too low for others. If you started smoking shisha with the 8mg nicotine levels, you may want to choose a replacement product within the 8mg-12mg to ensure that your body adjusts easily to the new E shisha product.

Buy with Best Price: E-Cigarette


Too high and too intense E shisha nicotine strength

In another way, when you currently smoke a light E shisha and suddenly choose a product with an e liquid containing more than 30mg of nicotine, you will definitely overload your body with more nicotine that it normally handles. When the throat hit is too much to handle, you may develop certain side effects such as light-headedness and headaches.

What then is the right E shisha liquid strength?

Choosing the right nicotine strength for your E Shisha liquid will help you develop a sweet spot that will bring you satisfaction. You need a Shisha liquid strength that your body can absorb easily. If you are used to a lower nicotine levels (probably between 8mg and 15mg), experts suggest that you should have a slow incremental nicotine increase when choosing a new product- a slow but steady increment of 2mg will help you boy re-adjust to the new Shisha liquid in a new product , slowly.

Is it possible to vape e shisha without nicotine?

Most people have come to associate E Shisha vaping with nicotine, however there are growing options of vaping E Shisha liquids without nicotine. Former smokers who have successfully decided to quit smoking , can vape without nicotine,  this means, these people have gradually reduce the nicotine levels in their E Shisha until they eliminate it through vaping.  Other groups of people who enjoy vaping without nicotine, are the social E Shisha lovers, who have never used nicotine but love vaping. The growing number of vape shops and lounges have created a vibrant social scenes where people no longer have to use E Shisha liquids with nicotine.

If you prefer E Shisha liquids with no nicotine, you can opt for different flavours while enjoying the pleasure and sensation of your Shisha vape. Improved flavour is definitely one of the benefits of vaping shisha without nicotine, it helps you explore numerous options of taste and smoke thickness. Shisha liquids with no nicotine seem to offer much better tastes. E shisha liquid comes in diverse flavours , while some are fruity, some can be spicy. Though E Shisha liquids can vary in prices, with flavoured ones costing lightly higher than nicotine liquids. The lesser the nicotine levels in an E shisha liquid the more expensive it becomes.

When choosing an E liquid for your Shisha, you should consider the brand of Shisha you are using as well as the liquid loading option. While some E shisha have bottom-loading clearomizers, others do have top-loading clearomizers, these features may be important when loading your E shisha liquid, as the thickness of the liquid may vary from one brand to another.

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Fantasia Electronic Hookah- A Review

Fantasia electronic hookah, is a nicotine-free, and tobacco-free electronic hookah that is capable of providing up to 800 puffs in its entire lifecycle. This brand of hookah comes in 7 different distinct and delicious flavours, hence you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from. The vapour from this e hookah imitates smoke, hence it does not create any mess while you are vaping. Fantasia electronic hookah is mostly preferred by those who love fruity and spicy flavours but do not want nicotine, hence it may be the most suitable electronic hookah for those planning on quitting smoking and beginners who don’t want to get hooked to nicotine. Most Fantasia hookers will cost between $7 and $15, hence they are readily available and affordable.


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When you need to have some unforgettable flavours, you should try out the Fantasia electronic hookah. The Fantasia Diamond second edition is one of the newest addition to the range of Fantasia electronic hookahs, and all other varieties of hookah do provide the easiest and most convenient vaping you can ever ask for.

Design and features of the Fantasia electronic hookah

One of the main characteristic features of the design of Fantasia hookah design is that it comes with a metal tip that looks and feels like a typical hookah hose, some options also have diamond tips that simply lights up at every puff. There is no need for a set up when you purchase Fantasia electronic hookah, the product comes pre-assembled, and all you have to do is to choose your preferred flavour and start using it immediately. See this hookah details

The hookahs are designed from glycerin-based cartridge and each contain a single atomization chamber alongside an LED indicator that simply lights up when you puff. The indicator light will also signify the level of juice in your hookah and the power’s hookah levels.

Though, the disposable Fantasia hookah will provide up to 800 puffs, if you want a longer lasting effect , you may want to choose one of the rechargeable options such as F1 Fantasia pen that comes with a starter kit , and has a much more portable size , to get your started. The rechargeable version comes with a kit that ensures that you don’t run out of puffing, the kit includes; a USB charger, alongside a single 900 mAh battery, plus a CE5 flavour tank, and a 15ml liquid bottle. The disposable Fantasia hookah also comes with the flavour tank, and liquid bottle as well. It should be noted that most Fantasia rechargeable hookah do have nicotine, however, most of the disposable versions don’t have nicotine.

The disposable electronic hookah also comes with an auto-off button that helps you control the level of usage and retain more fluid in the tank. You need to ensure that the hookah is stored in a dry place to ensure longer shelf-life, likewise.

Fantasia electronic hookah flavours

Fantasia electronic hookah comes in diverse flavours, some of the most preferred flavours are the blueberries and Washington apple, there are quite a number of premium range of juicy e-liquids offered by Fantasia that are worth trying out, these include;

  • Mixed melons (4 play),
  • The Brazilian Curacao Fruit , with Citrus Twist (also known as Adios),
  • The Dirty blonde ( a mix of banana with pineapple),
  • The Madzilla (mad berry mix),
  • The Rainbow burst (skittles flavour), and many more.

Now that you have everything you need to start puffing on your favourite juice, there will be no need to worry about nicotine levels. The appeal and aesthetic design of Fantasia disposable hookah, are quite easy to see, the hookahs are quite small in size, but deliver more power than you can ask for, especially with a design that fits perfectly into your pocket.

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If you want an electronic hookah with no fire, no ash but smooth flavour, your best option in Fantasia e cigarette. These hookahs do not require any form of set up as they come pre-assembled. They are affordable and they provide long-lasting puffing effect, hence they are reliable for both light and heavy smokers. While most flavours of Fantasia electronic hookahs go for around 14.99$, the starter kit goes for around $39.99. These prices make Fantasia one of the most affordable electronic hookahs in the market today. Fantasia electronic hookah is one of the most suitable electronic hookahs for beginners and those who are learning to smoke hookah for the first time. Buying Fantasia electronic hookah is quite easy, as the manufacturer offers the product in bulk and there are independent hookah providers who provide discounted prices.…


Shisha Time – setting up your Shisha

As a beginner in Shisha, you should know how to set up everything, in order to enjoy an uninterrupted time during your Shisha time. Here are the steps you should follow;

#1: Setting up the pipe

You need to clean the hookah first, by washing it with water and a hard-tooth brush, especially when it is dirty or when using it for the first time. Make sure all parts are disconnected first before cleaning all the parts thoroughly. After cleaning, make sure you wipe it dry with a piece of cloth and let it stay outdoor to dry. Cleaning before use is ideal especially when you discover residue on the vase or when there is an unusual taste from the smoke.

Make sure you get the right brush at the hookah store, then pour cold water into the vase and make sure the water fill about 1 inch of the metal stem and leave some space for air to make it easier to draw the hose and dilute the smoke. You may add ice when cleaning, to lower the temperature further inside the vase. You should aim at cleaning your hookah base twice at least, especially if you are a heavy user.

#2: Insert the shaft of the hookah into the glass base

Now that the cleaning is completed and the hookah glass is allowed to dry out, it is time to insert the hookah shaft into the glass base. All you have to do here is to lower the shaft gently into the base, in such a way that the stem can enter the water. Make sure there is a rubber piece or silicon material that fits perfectly on the top of the base in order to create an airtight condition. If the fit does not create an airtight condition, then the smoke will be too thin and too difficult to pull. Similarly, if the rubber piece does not fit, then you can wet it a little water or some drop of wet soap.

#3: Connect the hoses

There are hoses that can slot easily into the holes located on the sides of the shafts, and just like the base of the device, the holes should be airtight fit. Some hookahs will automatically seal the holes especially when there is no hose attached, however, most brands or models will allow you to attach hoses before you start smoking (keep in mind that all hoses must be attached even if you are smoking alone). At this stage, you need to double-check the level of the water in the device before connecting and if you notice that the water levels are too close to the hose connections, then you need to reduce the water level to prevent the water from ruining your hoses. Learn more about E-hookah

#4: Check the air flow

Place your right or left hand on top of the hookah stem in order to block the entering of air from the device. You should try and inhale through a hose, and if you detect any air coming out, then it means there is no airtight situation in one of your connections. You need to recheck that all your connections are airtight, and make sure the rubber or silicone tightness are perfectly put in place. If a seal is missing, you can check through the hookah grommets and find a replacement. You can simply wrap an athletic tape to create a temporary airtight situation.

#5: Place the metal tray perfectly over the hookah shaft

The metal tray is capable of catching hot embers as well as excess tobacco. The metal tray must be gently placed on the shaft to prevent any accident.

Now that you have set up your hookah device, it is time you start enjoying the feel of the smoke.

Just before you start smoking, make sure the Shisha- this is the tobacco that is packed inside the flavoured liquid that adds thick smoke. The liquid normally settles at the bottom, hence you need to stir it quickly in order to stir the content around. If you are smoking hookah for the first time, you may want to consider using a tobacco-free hookah molasses, in order to try out the whole setup safely. You need to keep in mind that tobacco can produce a harsh effect on you when you are taking it for the first time.

As a beginner, you should know that there are numerous kinds of shisha flavours, hence you should try out as many flavours as you can before you settle for your ideal choice.

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