Cherry Bomber Box Mod Review

Cherry Bomber Box Mod

The Cherry Bomber Box Mod is a fully mechanical mod that promises clouds to all who partake in vaping. It has an engraving that reads, “You want clouds? We got clouds!” That’s what we all want from our vapes, right!?

This excellent mod also has a deep impression of beautiful (beauty is in the eye of the beholder, some might not like it) bomber art, including a sexy version of Jessica Rabbit posing in front of a star logo. On the side, another etching says, “Vape Made Only in the Philippines. Masterpiece. Custom Vapes.” These engravings are perfectly executed and give the mod a touch of class unlike any other.

Perhaps the best engraving is one that boldly states, “F#*% All Cloners.” (Excuse the language.) It’s ironic that the clone itself has this message on it as well. There are a few other engraved details in this mod that also make its appearance appealing to the eye, especially the “0077” code that gives it a more official look.

This vape mod requires two dual 18 650 batteries that you must tighten with a screwdriver. It can be a hassle for some to constantly do this, but there are tiny screwdrivers that you can carry with you anywhere. If you’re really committed to vaping, this won’t present that big of a problem. The back slides off easily, and although the magnet is a bit weak, it has a couple of ridges that prevent it from falling.

Some benefits of this hard-hitting mod include:

  • Great flavor
  • All copper contacts
  • No wires
  • Fits well in your hand
  • All mechanical
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Locks with button rotation
  • Fine tune connection

This quality mod has a great value for its cost, especially when purchasing the clone instead of the authentic. This vape mod is one of the best out on the market today, and you don’t even have to buy the authentic one.


Both the clone and the authentic function similarly and will create thick clouds for all vaporizer lovers. There is only one downside to this mechanical mod, and both versions have it, but there is a simple solution.

Since the body is part of the mod’s circuitry, you can prompt an auto-fire if your atomizer touches the body itself. Therefore, it’s imperative you use a cartomizer, tank or atomizer that’s 22mm or less. What happens when the atty touches the body is that it completes the circuit just as pressing the button would.

Again, if at any point your atomizer makes contact with the body, your vape will set itself off without you ever pushing the button. Not only can this harm your vaporizer, it’s also possible that you get hurt.

Now, besides this one issue, the Cherry Bomber is a must have if you love to make huge clouds when vaping. The clone serves the same purpose as the authentic version, but you’ll save over $200 USD when purchasing the clone.

Other cons of this mod include:

  • You need screwdriver to change batteries
  • 510 connection unscrews easily when atomizer is tightened
  • Heavy
  • Weak spring in button
  • Not for beginners

If you are not an experienced vaporizer aficionado, this mod may not be suitable for you. Sure, it’s great to blow thick clouds, but the maintenance it requires will prove to be a daunting task.

Not only that, you can end up spending more money if it ever malfunctions with an atty measuring over 22mm. At this point, your investment in a mod will go down the drain.

This mod is not one you can just drop in your bag and go. The spring is also pretty thin and causes overheating issues that only an experienced vaporizer enthusiast can fix.

Overall, the mod is excellent if you know what you’re doing. You will not leave fingerprints on the solid aluminum that has a pleasant brushed finish.

If you’re new at this activity and do not mind tinkering with the few downsides, then feel free to pick this mod up. It will be a great way to learn about mods and how to fix any mishaps.

If you just want to vape comfortably, though, look for alternatives that will be easier to upkeep. Having problems with your mod will discourage you from getting more in the future, so it would be wise to choose a simpler mod.

For all you experienced vaporizer lovers, this mod is for you! You will love its design, durability, and the thick clouds it produces. The flavor is also second to none, and the price is unbeatable.

Remember that the parts are replaceable so you can make this mod even better with stronger magnets and better springs. But that is not necessary, it will vape perfectly straight out of the box.

Happy vaping!

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