Disposable hookah pen- review of top brands

A disposable hookah pen is of great advantage for so many reasons; the residues are very easy to clean up, it can be enjoyed indoor without creating health hazards to non-smokers, it does not create a yellowing of the teeth, and it is very easy to travel with it. The disposable hookah pen can save you more money on the long run, considering the fact that an ideal pen can give you up to 800 puffs or even more. The pen’s liquid can also be found everywhere, you can switch from one taste to another. Hookah pen does not generate tar, hence it will not damage your longs, likewise the disposable pen is safer for the environment, because it does not generate carbon monoxide.

Review of top disposable hookah pen brands

Here are some of the best disposable hookah pen brands you may want to consider this year;

#1: The Smooth E-Hookah pen

This disposable hookah pen is quite unique in every way, it comes with LED lights that will indicate the level of juice and the pen will allow you to vape without being worried about dry throat problems. This pen comes in different nicotine levels as well as colours that are aesthetically appealing. This brand of disposable pen is also affordable.

#2: FLYTlab Fuse

This is one disposable hookah pen that promise to blow your mind away. This pen has two cartridges which means it provides a longer vaping experience. This brand allows you to blend different flavour for a richer taste and unique vaping. Flytlab is one of the favourite disposable hookah pens.

#3: Fantasia hookah pen

This is one of the best hookah pen brands you should consider because to offers the widest range of flavours. The delicious flavour are so clean that you can get addicted instantly. Another major advantage of this hookah pen is that it gives up to 800 hits before you dispose the cigarette off, which makes it one of the best cost-effective hookah pens around. If you want to puff all day continuously, you may go for the rechargeable Fantasia hookah pen. Click here to buy it!

#4: Hydro herbal

Hydro herbal disposable hookah pen is one of the most preferred disposable hookah products of the year, and most especially for its rich fruity and herbal flavours. This brand is completely safe and there has been no record of allergies from using it.

#5: V-2 cigarette mini hookah pens

V-2 is one of the best disposable cigarettes for beginners, who want to try out. The liquids vary and the hookah pen is very convenient. V-2 disposable cigarettes are very affordable and they are some of the best preferred disposable pens around.

#6: Starbuzz E-House

This brand is the number one line of disposable hookah pens in the world, and this brand is known for giving you the feeling of the traditional hookah. The E-house brands are known to produce huge vapour clouds, however, it does not produce tar nor tobacco, and it is a premium brand that still offers great affordability for users. This brand also comes with a wide range of colour and flavours.

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#7: The Neo senses disposable hookah pen

This is one of the best disposable hookah pens around, this brand comes at an amazingly affordable price without compromising its quality and standard. Aside from its affordable prices, this hookah pen comes with one of the most stylish and sleek designs that will make you very proud to carry it around.

#8: Tsunami E hookah

This hookah pen is mostly known for creating smaller vapour clouds, however, it comes at one of the most affordable prices you can ever ask for.

#9 NE- where Hookah pen

This is an elegant and stylish pen, with a sleek design. The pen is lightweight, hence it is more convenient for travelers and those who want to smoke on the go. If you are looking for a hookah pen to keep you busy all the time, then this brand is what you need. Disposable and non-disposable NE hookah pens do come with varying warranty hence their durability is guaranteed.

The bottom line

Getting a disposable hookah pen is worth taking sometime to research, this will help you make the right choices. You need to check the durability as well as the number of puffs you can get from the disposable pen- normally, an ideal disposable pen must be able to provide up to 800 puffs in its entire lifecycle. The more the puff the better the price bargain for your chosen pen.

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