8 Easy Vape Tricks


Vaping has surprisingly become popular in recent years. VAPING tips are a great way to pass the time, especially if you are looking forward to vape pens and e-cig. Whether you do it with friends or alone, it can be a fun activity and hobby. Although some of the tricks in VAPING are taken from normal cigarettes tricks, but they have been modified and invented. These tricks in vaping acquires a completely new level by following new tricks. Some of these tricks may take a lot of time before you can be a whole professional, but if you really want to impress friends and family with these things, it is worth it. Some of these tricks are; the bullring, Tornado, French inhale, blowing Os, French inhale, the dragon, steam block double and triple-Os.

In this article I will explain some of these tips to you so that the next time you have friends, you can show to them and you will be popular, I guarantee that if you choose this 8 tricks and practice, you will be the best bender vaporizer in A short period of time,


This simple trick easy to follow step that I will tell. In this trick, it is necessary to create steam rings through the nose.

What you need to do is simply to pop a thick O medium then inhale your nostrils with the top of the ring. This will create the illusion of a bullring through the nose. Fear not, for there is no pain at all. You can do with your friend so that the friend will be informing you of how well you faring, or you can go to a mirror and continue practicing until you master it.


This trick is quite common, but requires a little practice. For you to get the hang of it. It is important that you hold your tongue against the back of the mouth and the back of the neck. Start with a long series of your e-cig direction and inhale the steam at the neck. Have your lips shaped “O” and keep your lips in that shape. Then, drag a small amount of steam out of the mouth with the neck. This should feel the same as a short sigh or mini cough

Vapor Bubble

This trick produced a huge bubble filled with steam, you can use this trick to be in front of the members of your family and they will be stunned as it is funny. The trick is very easy and it is very impressive and you can create a bubble using your Steam from the exhalation.

All you have to do is at a section at the bottom of a plastic bottle you make a cut and use a mixture of soap and water. Make sure that the bottle you use is relatively not that big. Then lower end of the bottle into liquid, and then exhale gently into your vapor.

The French Inhale

What happens when you do this trick is that the steam comes out of the mouth so that it can be breathed through the nose. To perform this trick, please put a decent size of your e-cig, but do not inhale. Let the vapor stay in your mouth for a while. Slowly open your mouth and push your lower jaw. “The little twist to this trick is that you constantly have to breathe through your nose.” However, you should breathe through your nose while the steam comes out of your mouth.


This trick involves the creation of a steam pool formed in a tornado shape. All you need to do is exhale the water vapor carefully, but make sure that you do it on a super flat surface, and remember that it should be quite thick. You need a roll of toilet paper. Take and breathe a long series of e-cigarettes and inhale through the roll of toilet paper into the “Tornado Surface”. Use your hand to cut easily on the surface. When your hand touches the surface, you tap your wrist and lift your arms all in one move. To achieve a perfect tornado, takes a little exercise so do not be in a rush you will perfect it by doing more practice.

The waterfall

This trick will make you feel like a magician, as you will be showing people how to catch the vape in a bottle. The waterfall can be achieved by including a bottle, frozen water at the bottom. When you take a drug blow it into the bottle and pour it slowly.

Dragon Clouds

In this trick, you appear as a dragon exhaling smoke. To do this trick you have to take the e-cigarette with a long train without inhale. When you have a steam mouth full, breathe through the nose with a little force, while at the same time exhaling a part of the steam through the mouth angles. Then, in retrospect, make sure you have not sprouted a set of flaky wings.

Ghost Inhale

This is a the best trick for all beginners to release a steam ball, followed by an act of mind inhaler also known as pressure inhaled or a pillaging “hit”. To do this trick you must take the e-cigarette with a long pull and let the steam remain for a few seconds in the mouth. Press all the steam out of your mouth into a ball, then quickly breathe the steam ball.


All the above tricks are really great and fun to do, although some you will be able to do right from the first trial but others you will need a few more hours of practice before you will be able to pull the trick with required precision. Please do not get discourage if it takes you more time before you can do a trick, the amount of time will take your friend to master a trick will not necessarily mean that you will take that same amount of time to perfect. Just as people are different so will the time to master a trick will differ.

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