Hookah Pen Flavors: How To Pick The Right One For You

ELAX Mango Hookah Pen

The ELAX brand mango hookah pen is a house favorite at Hookah Pen Central, and for good reason. This pen has some of the richest flavor from any pen we have tried to date. The sweet, slightly tart taste is perfect for fans of mild fruit flavors. As with all ELAX pens, the mango hookah pen produces rich, milky clouds that are perfect for smoke tricks. This pen is rated for 500 puffs and often exceeds this limit. It even comes in a nifty tube that you can use to make awesome o-rings! We are proud to mark this as one of our favorite products at Hookah Pen Central.

E-HOOKAH Electronic Cigarette with Clearomizer Attachment

As a new member of the hookah Pen Central family, this small device has been making waves of its own. Unlike the majority of products we sell, the Clearomizer Is refillable, allowing you to use the same pen over and over again. The Clearomizer Itself comes in several colors, such as blue, red and pink. The style of this product is very attractive, making this appealing to those who want a higher end option than the typical disposable hookah. What may The most enticing about this device is the assortment of flavors you have to choose from; Coffee, Cinnamon, and Melon are just a few. Hookah pen central recommends the E-HOOKAH Electronic Cigarette with the Clearomizer attachment for the frequent user who is willing to make a small investment.

Taste This E Liquid !!!


Skyda Watermelon Hookah Pen

The Skyda hookah pens are one of the first products we had stocked, and for good reason! These pens always surprise us with their quality and flavor. The hookah pen flavor that sticks out from the bunch, however, is the watermelon flavored pen. As another house favorite, the watermelon hookah pen is anything but subtle. This pen is packed with full frontal, in-your-face flavor, making it a perfect pick for those who want a little kick of fruity flavor. You can expect around 500 puffs from one of these guys, but don’t be surprised if it caps off at around 480 or so. The Skyda Watermelon hookah pen comes highly recommended for fans of more intense flavors [Strawberry Flavor].

When it comes down to choosing the right hookah pen, you must weigh your flavor preferences with your budget. There are a plethora of fantastic disposable hookah pens on the market, as well as some recently-emerging reusable pens. Happy shopping and go make clouds!

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