Imperial Hookah Pen Reviews

Imperial Hookah Pen Reviews

With so many alternatives to cigarette replacement products we are sometimes spoilt for choice when looking for something that is suitable to our likes and needs. I look at different options that included e-cigarettes, vaporizers, chewing gum and other items. I visited a shop that specialized in sales of these items specifically and decided to get hold of an imperial hookah pen. To my amazement I was quite impressed with my first experience with this little smoking wonder. I always noticed the colorful disposable e cigs while buying my weekly stash of cigarettes and felt keen to try it. I have wanted to quit smoking for the last year and knew that I would need a replacement product so that I could still experience the habit without all the harm. Here are my thoughts on the imperial hookah pen. Read more about the benefits of quitting smoking.

Packaging and appearance

First of all I have learnt that this is a popular item and that many people enjoyed smoking hookah pens. I wanted to know what all the hype was about. When I first encountered the product I fell in love with the colorful packaging and suddenly realized that it was disposable. This made it a cost efficient and enjoyable item. It actually looked like a pen which I found to be quite compact and easy to keep on me at all times. I have many friends that are hookah experts and that enjoy smoking it occasionally and they advised me to try the imperial hookah pen first which I did. The pen was easy to unwrap which turned out to be a bonus considering how hard it is to unwrap just about anything these days. I liked the feel of the item as it was light and convenient to smoke and really represented an easy habit to adapt to.

E-cigarette or not?

After using the pen for the first time I was impressed that it looked like a disposable with a bit of class. It was easy to start up and I could conveniently inhale and enjoy the experience. I opted to go for the minimal nicotine, no tar option. I love just about anything strawberry so all in all this will be my chosen flavor for my first vaporizing experience. It was awesome! It didn’t cost an arm and a leg and it provided me with a great first smoke. The best thing about it was that it was disposable and didn’t make me cough or feel lightheaded at all. There was obviously no head-rush to deal with this time around. The taste was awesome and the experience even better. Click here to learn more about how to smoke a hookah pen. This pen boasts of only 6mg nicotine and no tar or any other dangerous chemicals.

Is it worth it?

Yes absolutely, as the advert for these e-cigs would boast I was actually able to get 600 puffs out of my imperial hookah pen. That is a lot of puffs for very little money and what really impressed me was that there was no difference in flavor from the first time that I used it. It stayed remarkably fresh and kept on tasting, looking and feeling like a real cigarette even though it was a completely different experience for me.  Read more about the benefits of smoking e-cigs.


The imperial hookah pen is a great product for those that enjoy smoking hookah and more especially for those that are looking for a bang for the buck e-cigarette experience. If you are one of the many that enjoy smoking hookah occasionally but don’t enjoy visiting a hookah lounge for example this is a great product that you can enjoy anywhere and best of all in the comfort of your own home. With up to 600 puffs you will enjoy the freedom and diversity that this product offers you. As previously mentioned it also looks great and actually feels and tastes like a real cigarette but will never cost you as much as real cigarettes would so make sure you get hold of one of these pens to enjoy a different way of smoking. It is amazing to see how much money one can save by giving up smoking and the best part is you can still enjoy an inhalation experience that won’t release half the chemicals that you normally are exposed to with normal cigarettes. Before lighting up you should considering plugging in.

I would say that with so many products in the market that have been specifically manufactured to replace cigarettes I have a respect for hookah and would lean toward this option the most because it has been around for over 700 years and have been smoked by Middle Easterners for centuries. The benefit of starting hookah instead of smoking cigarettes is that it has a great social following and that there are many lounges that cater just for people that enjoy hookah so it obviously is something that can be enjoyed with friends or on your own in the comfort of your own home. There is a reason why people from ancient times chose to smoke hookah and why there weren’t as many cases of lung cancer or asthma back then. It must have been a healthier choice that was only done on occasion and generally something that brought people together. I have now become part of the hookah community and with many other enthusiasts we are trying and trading different flavors while also enjoying the odd disposable pen now and then. I don’t think I will ever go back to smoking actual cigarettes again as it made me feel a lot unhealthier and it really cost me a lot more.

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