E Shisha Liquid- choosing the nicotine strength of your E liquid

As an E shisha smoker, you will definitely want to choose the strength of your liquid, and you definitely want your e liquid to match your present nicotine level. The reasons for choosing the strength of your shisha liquid are straightforward- too little or low strength may not satisfy you, and too high strength may be too intense for you to handle. Choosing the ideal nicotine level will also ensure that you switch in-between different vapourizers and e-cigarettes much easily and enjoyably.

Most health care professionals will recommend that, when getting a replacement nicotine product, you should go for the one that has the same or similar levels of nicotine as your previous Shisha product in order to create a successful transition from one to the other. Your body will always crave for the normal amount of nicotine it is used to, therefore you need to choose E shisha liquid strength with care.

Too low E shisha liquid strength

Due to the fact that your body has fully adjusted to certain amount of nicotine in it, going for a replacement shisha liquid with less nicotine means your body will crave for extra smoking, and that means you will indulge in compensation smoking, tis also means, you will eventually vape more to make up for your body’s craving. Customizing and changing your usual nicotine strength may not be as simple as it seems, it would be better if you take a gradual approach. The 8mg nicotine levels in E Shisha liquid is consider to be moderate for some people and too low for others. If you started smoking shisha with the 8mg nicotine levels, you may want to choose a replacement product within the 8mg-12mg to ensure that your body adjusts easily to the new E shisha product.


Too high and too intense E shisha nicotine strength

In another way, when you currently smoke a light E shisha and suddenly choose a product with an e liquid containing more than 30mg of nicotine, you will definitely overload your body with more nicotine that it normally handles. When the throat hit is too much to handle, you may develop certain side effects such as light-headedness and headaches.

What then is the right E shisha liquid strength?

Choosing the right nicotine strength for your E Shisha liquid will help you develop a sweet spot that will bring you satisfaction. You need a Shisha liquid strength that your body can absorb easily. If you are used to a lower nicotine levels (probably between 8mg and 15mg), experts suggest that you should have a slow incremental nicotine increase when choosing a new product- a slow but steady increment of 2mg will help you boy re-adjust to the new Shisha liquid in a new product , slowly.

Is it possible to vape e shisha without nicotine?

Most people have come to associate E Shisha vaping with nicotine, however there are growing options of vaping E Shisha liquids without nicotine. Former smokers who have successfully decided to quit smoking , can vape without nicotine,  this means, these people have gradually reduce the nicotine levels in their E Shisha until they eliminate it through vaping.  Other groups of people who enjoy vaping without nicotine, are the social E Shisha lovers, who have never used nicotine but love vaping. The growing number of vape shops and lounges have created a vibrant social scenes where people no longer have to use E Shisha liquids with nicotine.

If you prefer E Shisha liquids with no nicotine, you can opt for different flavours while enjoying the pleasure and sensation of your Shisha vape. Improved flavour is definitely one of the benefits of vaping shisha without nicotine, it helps you explore numerous options of taste and smoke thickness. Shisha liquids with no nicotine seem to offer much better tastes. E shisha liquid comes in diverse flavours , while some are fruity, some can be spicy. Though E Shisha liquids can vary in prices, with flavoured ones costing lightly higher than nicotine liquids. The lesser the nicotine levels in an E shisha liquid the more expensive it becomes.

When choosing an E liquid for your Shisha, you should consider the brand of Shisha you are using as well as the liquid loading option. While some E shisha have bottom-loading clearomizers, others do have top-loading clearomizers, these features may be important when loading your E shisha liquid, as the thickness of the liquid may vary from one brand to another.

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