Vapour Pen- what you should know about re-filling, and recharging of vapour pens

As a hookah beginner, it is important that you understand some procedures in handling re-filling and recharging of your vapour pen, here are some important information that can guide you;

How to re-fill your vapour pen

You cannot re-fill a disposable vapour pen, however, you can easily re-fill non-disposable pens. To re-fill the vapour pen, simply unscrew the top of tip of the clearomizer, in order to load the liquid from the end or bottom. You need to keep in mind that the type of clearomizer available will also determine how you load the liquid. There are basically two types of clearomizers; the bottom-loaded and the top loaded. For a top mounted clearomizer, simply turn the tip counter in a clockwise direction, to remove it, and make sure you don’t fill above the 1.6ml level and at the same time, make sure the liquid is above the 0.6ml level. You can make use of a needle-bottle to fill clearomizers easily.

The vapour pen battery

Pressing the button once may force the pen to blink or flash the blue colour, this means the battery is dead. When you press the button like 5 times, it may also blink, indicating that the pen has been turned off or on. When a disposable pen is blinking then it means the pen is finished and must be disposed immediately.

How do I charge the vapour pen (recharge the battery?)

When holding down the pen’s button in order to produce a vapour, but the light simply blinks, that means the battery needs to be recharged. All you need to do is to unscrew the clearomizer, and then screw the battery of the device into the charging device before plugging in the charging device. You need to wait for the charger of the pen to turn green in order to be sure that it is charging. A red light indication on your vapour pen simply means the pen still needs to be charged further, once the charging is completed, the light will simply turn green. If after charging the pen is not working, make sure you turn it on and press the button up to 5 times until it blinks.

How many times can I recharge my electronic vapour pen?

Most inexpensive vapour pens that cost less than $50 will normally last for 300 lifetime charges, while the pens that cost more than 50$ may last for up to 1000 lifetime charges. The lifespan of a vapour pen will also depend on the brand. You will know that your vapour pen has been fully charged when the charger light has turned green. It should take between 30 minutes and 4 hours to recharge a vapour pen fully, depending on the battery size.

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Why does my vapour pen getting hot during vaping?

When the battery of the vapour pen is continually used within a short period of time, the battery of the pen will get hot, similarly, continuously pulling on the vapour pen can cause the overheating of the wick and coil, causing a burnt taste to the vape.

Why does the vape pen produce a burnt taste when I puff on it?

When you puff on portable vapourizer, the wicks will start burning because they don’t get soaked in the vapourizer liquid immediately, thus causing the burnt taste. It is ideal that you avoid puffing on the vapourizer too fast without allowing the wicks to soak properly, to avoid the wicks being burnt. You may choose to replace the wicks and coils or the atomizers and clearomizers if the burnt taste is too much.

Turning on or off your vapour pen

Rechargeable vapour pens come with a push button, you need to click on this button several times on the light turns blue. Some pens may come with red, white, purple or green turn on lights. Some vapour pens have no turn on buttons, and they may accidentally turn themselves on- make sure you check this before buying the product. To turn off the vapour pen, simply push the turn on button several times until the light goes off.

How do I know that my vapour pen has been fully charged?

Having a red colour on your hookah pen means the pen still needs to be charged, hence the pen must be charged continuously until the indicator lights turn green.

Filling the clearomizer

Regardless of whether your clearomizer CE4, CE5, or CE6, you need to unscrew the black drip tip first before you open the vapour liquid , then tilt the clearomizer before pouring the liquid into the clearomizer.