Shisha Time – setting up your Shisha

As a beginner in Shisha, you should know how to set up everything, in order to enjoy an uninterrupted time during your Shisha time. Here are the steps you should follow;

#1: Setting up the pipe

You need to clean the hookah first, by washing it with water and a hard-tooth brush, especially when it is dirty or when using it for the first time. Make sure all parts are disconnected first before cleaning all the parts thoroughly. After cleaning, make sure you wipe it dry with a piece of cloth and let it stay outdoor to dry. Cleaning before use is ideal especially when you discover residue on the vase or when there is an unusual taste from the smoke.

Make sure you get the right brush at the hookah store, then pour cold water into the vase and make sure the water fill about 1 inch of the metal stem and leave some space for air to make it easier to draw the hose and dilute the smoke. You may add ice when cleaning, to lower the temperature further inside the vase. You should aim at cleaning your hookah base twice at least, especially if you are a heavy user.

#2: Insert the shaft of the hookah into the glass base

Now that the cleaning is completed and the hookah glass is allowed to dry out, it is time to insert the hookah shaft into the glass base. All you have to do here is to lower the shaft gently into the base, in such a way that the stem can enter the water. Make sure there is a rubber piece or silicon material that fits perfectly on the top of the base in order to create an airtight condition. If the fit does not create an airtight condition, then the smoke will be too thin and too difficult to pull. Similarly, if the rubber piece does not fit, then you can wet it a little water or some drop of wet soap.

#3: Connect the hoses

There are hoses that can slot easily into the holes located on the sides of the shafts, and just like the base of the device, the holes should be airtight fit. Some hookahs will automatically seal the holes especially when there is no hose attached, however, most brands or models will allow you to attach hoses before you start smoking (keep in mind that all hoses must be attached even if you are smoking alone). At this stage, you need to double-check the level of the water in the device before connecting and if you notice that the water levels are too close to the hose connections, then you need to reduce the water level to prevent the water from ruining your hoses. Learn more about E-hookah

#4: Check the air flow

Place your right or left hand on top of the hookah stem in order to block the entering of air from the device. You should try and inhale through a hose, and if you detect any air coming out, then it means there is no airtight situation in one of your connections. You need to recheck that all your connections are airtight, and make sure the rubber or silicone tightness are perfectly put in place. If a seal is missing, you can check through the hookah grommets and find a replacement. You can simply wrap an athletic tape to create a temporary airtight situation.

#5: Place the metal tray perfectly over the hookah shaft

The metal tray is capable of catching hot embers as well as excess tobacco. The metal tray must be gently placed on the shaft to prevent any accident.

Now that you have set up your hookah device, it is time you start enjoying the feel of the smoke.

Just before you start smoking, make sure the Shisha- this is the tobacco that is packed inside the flavoured liquid that adds thick smoke. The liquid normally settles at the bottom, hence you need to stir it quickly in order to stir the content around. If you are smoking hookah for the first time, you may want to consider using a tobacco-free hookah molasses, in order to try out the whole setup safely. You need to keep in mind that tobacco can produce a harsh effect on you when you are taking it for the first time.

As a beginner, you should know that there are numerous kinds of shisha flavours, hence you should try out as many flavours as you can before you settle for your ideal choice.


The best hookah- How to choose the most ideal hookah

The history of the hookah can be traced to the year 1500, with the development of the first Shisha pipes made from coconut shell base. Today, Hookah has seen tremendous transformation, with lots of new features added, and its popularity has spread from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean to all corners of the world. Here are some of the options you should pursue when looking for the best hookah;

#1: The best E hookah pen often come with extra mouth tips

Instead of sharing a single mouth tip with your friends, the best hookah normally have multiple mouth tips. Similarly, the more puffs you get the better. Most single mouth Hookah pen will last for 800 puffs, however, there are hookah products that provide more than 1,200 puffs in their entire lifespan, such could be ideal when many mouth tips are available.

#2: Electronic hookahs are the best

E-hookahs are better than traditional hookahs because they are safer. Aside from their safer designs, e-hookahs are packed with numerous features that can help monitor their usages. They do come in LED indicator lights that reveals battery level, and liquid levels. E hookahs come in different fun colours, hence they are more aesthetically appealing. E-hookahs also come with a wide range of different flavours.

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#3: Solid brass traditional hookahs are the best

There are several reasons why solid brass hookah materials are considered the best, though they seem to be heavier, but they are solid and last longer than other materials. Aside the heaviness, one other issue with brass hookahs is that they need to be polished from time to time, but if you don’t mind this, you will definitely enjoy this hookah because polishing will help maintain its shine. Some hookah smokers will prefer the combination of brass with copper or stainless steel, but stainless steel has more serious issue (including rusting).

#4: The best height for hookah is between 28 and 32 inches

Many hookah lovers prefer different heights for their hookah setup, however, it has been discovered that hookah heights of between 28 and 32 inches provide the best convenience and handling for hookah smoking. If you travel a lot, a hookah with smaller height may be the best for you. On the other hand, you may want to use a taller height that can be placed on the floor and next to the patio table. Height may not play a critical role in the performance of a hookah, however, it provides more convenience. Having a hookah with a larger vase, and stem, will help the hookah hold more smoke, hence, more smoke will be produced during inhalation.

#5: hookahs with rubber stoppers are the best

Hookahs will too many hoses often lead to slower performances. Multiple hoses may be suitable for many users at the same time, if they don’t mind slower performances, if one of the hose tip is not plugged, other people smoking may not get sufficient suction. Luckily, problems associated with multiple hoses can be dealt with effectively, hookahs with rubber stoppers can help in converting back the suction to one hose, this will help increase performances. Alternatively, you can choose hookahs with in-built neck valve systems that provide an effective hookah performance management systems. The use of a rubber stopper is important if you prefer to smoke your hookah with three to four people.

#6: You get what you pay for

Price often determines the performance you get from your hookah. The adage that “you get what you pay for”, is very true with hookahs. If you buy a hookah for less than 40$ chances are that you will get something junky, however, hookahs that cost 100$ or more will definitely give you something more descent and the product has more durability. You need to do a little research when buying a hookah, you should consider reading online review, and ask for recommendations from hookah lovers that you know.

It is important that you check the air flow of your preferred hookah, make sure the hookah is properly assembled with the right fitting stem, vase, vase gasket, hose and hose gasket. In order to conduct this check you may have to remove the bowl and bowl gasket, try and suck through the hose and pay attention to any likely air leaks. Air must also be expelled out when you blow into the hose – make sure the check release valve that it is working properly, especially when you are buying a multiple-hose hookah.