Sigelei 50w Box Mod Review

The Sigelei 50W Box Mod is perfect for new and experienced vapers alike. Functionality and simplicity are the hallmark features of this box mod. The Sigelei 50w Box Mod is a tiny little powerhouse that has a variance from 7w to 50w, giving a great range of power based on users’ preference and mood. Users should find that they save money on accessories since this comes with everything needed to get started right away, including a rechargeable battery with a micro USB. The hardest thing about using this may be taking out the battery, but after a few attempts it should be pretty easy. With that said, there isn’t much downside to this and it seems well worth the money.

Basic Features

Sigelei 50w Box ModThe Sigelei 50w Box Mod is made out of aluminum alloy, giving it a sleek feeling while not being prone to being too slippery. Inside, it houses a single battery – this would be an 18650. This allows the Sigelei 50w Box Mod to retain its small size. As an added benefit, this can be charged while using and it also comes with the USB charging cable. Simply slide open the back to place in the 18650 battery without any tools or screws. There is a magnet in place to hold the back from just flying open, giving it just enough give to change out the battery or hold it in place. However, it does come with a screw, so if you decide that you won’t be changing the battery any time soon – feel free to lock it in place.

On the side of the Sigelei 50w Box Mod are two buttons: the power on and fire button as well as the wattage control button. The Sigelei logo fits in nicely on the other side while remaining low key. On the same side of the logo sits the micro USB.

On the front of the Sigelei 50w Box Mod sits a small screen displaying the wattage, battery life, the ohms, and the voltage.

Dimensions and Specs

The Sigelei 50w Box Mod sits at 43x23x95 mm. Overall, it sits nicely in the palm of one’s hand. It offers a variety of features to protect the user, including helping prevent against low resistance, low voltage, too high of temperature, and reserve battery. There is also a warning against high voltage. While maybe not a problem for experienced vapers, this should help those who are new from creating problems with their Sigelei 50w Box Mod. It uses one replaceable 18650 battery and features a Yihi SX330 chip. And lastly, the atomizer (which turns the liquid into vapor) range can go from 0.2 to 3.0 ohms.

The Bottom Line

Overall, the Sigelei 50w Box Mod is small and convenient, and most importantly, it does its job well. With its sleek black look, it fits in any setting. Even better, there are a number of skins available for it to make it look however you want. The 7w to 50w variance should give users plenty of options whether they want a cooler vape or a much more intense vape.