The Best Selling Social Smoke for your Hookah Pipe

The Best Selling Social Smoke for your Hookah Pipe

When it comes to flavor, everybody has their own personal preference. It’s impossible to find one single flavor that will draw the same amount of satisfaction for each and every smoker out there. Or is it?

The number of flavors out there has rapidly increased in the last couple of years, mainly due to the hookah pipe’s increasing popularity and less punishing social stigma that exists around it. Today, it’s going to be impossible to identify which flavor suits every person best, but based on the history of sales of certain flavors, we can determine which flavors sell best. This article is going to focus on the 8 best selling flavors out there.

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors – Watermelon and Mint

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors is arguably the most unique and amazing shisha brick producers out there. This UAE-based company ships their original and remarkable flavors to countries all over the world. Their best selling item, Watermelon and Mint, is a high-grade shisha with the perfect blend of cool and sweet summer watermelon. The cool throat hit that extinguishes the heat of the sun, mixed with the refreshing agua fresca taste has made this shisha a must-try flavor for people in all regions.

The shisha is packed in a 250 gram can, enough for around 20 hookah bowls. The smooth, light, and fruity taste of the blend is a unique experience that people need to try at least once. The lingering aroma is pure awesomeness, but we wish that the throat hit was just a little stronger.

Social Smoke – Absolute Zero

The second best social smoke for your hookah pipe has to be Social Smoke’s Absolute Zero. This item also comes with the wintry, cool taste of menthol and peppermint. On a side note, some of the best selling hookah bricks are laced with mint or menthol for that refreshing feel down the throat and into the lungs.

Social Smoke produces some delicious mixes without use of artificial coloring, reducing the amount of additives we put into our bodies (a plus in our book). This US-based manufacturer makes their Absolute Zero with high-quality tobacco leaves straight from Germany. The company specializes in making strong, minty flavors.

If you want to try Absolute Zero, you need to act quickly since this product sells out in a blink of the eye.

Al Fakher Shisha Flavors – Double Apple

You know what’s better than one? Two. Al Fakher makes another chart-topping flavor known as Double Apple. This flavor is a blend of licorice, red delicious and granny smith, so you’re getting the best of all worlds. Not sure if you prefer tart over sweet? Try this tobacco brick and find out.

Some users even recommend first-time hookah smokers to smoke this blend since it delivers great flavor, smoothness in the throat, without the kickback that licorice-spiked tobacco tends to have.

Starbuzz – Sex on the Beach

This shisha brick is the same flavor as the cocktail it takes its name from. Numerous shisha producers have attempted the impossible and tried to incorporate an alcoholic-taste to their bricks, but they’ve always fallen short. This isn’t true for Starbuzz, and their alcohol-free alcohol-tasting blend is one to try.

Just like the drink, Sex on the Beach is a blend of fruits, including pineapple, orange, pomegranate, and cranberry. This is definitely a refreshing change of pace if you’re a mint-exclusive kind of smoker.

Starbuzz – Flower Power

Starbuzz makes another appearance on our list with their game-changing Flower Power can of shisha. Imagine inhaling the sweet taste of Skittles. That’s exactly what this shisha tastes like. This is definitely much different to the classic rose or jasmine shisha we see flooding the market.

This blend has a medium sweetness, full-body flavor, and produces a heck ton of smoke. If you’re looking for both smoke density and flavor, Flower Power is definitely the way to go.

Hookah Tobacco

Ugly Hookah Tobacco – Orange Keef

Don’t be put-off by the name of the company. Ugly Hookah Tobacco produces some of the best flavors available on the market. We especially like this company for their consistency in making high-quality, throat-grabbing, drive-us-crazy flavors. One of our favorites (and the world’s favorite, based on the sales data) is the Orange Keef.

As the name suggests, Orange Keef is a citrus-spiked shisha which adds a much-needed tang to their full-bodied tobacco taste. Not that we hate the tobacco taste, but the sweet and sour hint of orange makes this flavor one of the minty flavored shishas out there, especially when the mint begins to roll over your tongue and into your throats, giving it a minuscule tickle.

Pure Tobacco – Citrus Ice

As we mentioned before, wintry mint flavorings are a popular choice. Not just because they cool you down in the heat, but because they’re smooth in the throat and light in the lungs. Pure Tobacco makes some pretty awesome flavors, our personal favorite being Citrus Ice.

The company is famous for mixing both mint and peppermint into their shisha, but the citrus goodness really cuts through the double-cooling action. This flavor is a blend of an assortment of citrus fruits including grapefruit, lime, and orange. It’s a bit tangier than the Orange Keef by Ugly Hookah Tobacco, but in a good way.

Nakhla Shisha – Peach

One flavor that e-liquid and shisha makers tend to neglect is sweet peach. Nakhla Shisha has been experimenting with a wide assortment of flavors, but their Peach shisha sets this brand apart from the others. The now uses peppermint to spike their shisha with a refreshing breeze, appealing to the large cold-shisha-loving market out there.

There’s nothing that needs to be said about this flavor, in our opinion. Peach is a truly unique flavor that you don’t run into that often. We would have liked for the peach flavoring to be a little bit stronger, but we can forgive them for giving the nectarine more publicity in the smoke industry. We love almost all of Nakhla Shisha’s products, but the world seems to be in love with their peach flavored tobacco bricks most of all.