Fantasia Electronic Hookah- A Review

Fantasia electronic hookah, is a nicotine-free, and tobacco-free electronic hookah that is capable of providing up to 800 puffs in its entire lifecycle. This brand of hookah comes in 7 different distinct and delicious flavours, hence you have a wide range of alternatives to choose from. The vapour from this e hookah imitates smoke, hence it does not create any mess while you are vaping. Fantasia electronic hookah is mostly preferred by those who love fruity and spicy flavours but do not want nicotine, hence it may be the most suitable electronic hookah for those planning on quitting smoking and beginners who don’t want to get hooked to nicotine. Most Fantasia hookers will cost between $7 and $15, hence they are readily available and affordable.


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When you need to have some unforgettable flavours, you should try out the Fantasia electronic hookah. The Fantasia Diamond second edition is one of the newest addition to the range of Fantasia electronic hookahs, and all other varieties of hookah do provide the easiest and most convenient vaping you can ever ask for.

Design and features of the Fantasia electronic hookah

One of the main characteristic features of the design of Fantasia hookah design is that it comes with a metal tip that looks and feels like a typical hookah hose, some options also have diamond tips that simply lights up at every puff. There is no need for a set up when you purchase Fantasia electronic hookah, the product comes pre-assembled, and all you have to do is to choose your preferred flavour and start using it immediately. See this hookah details

The hookahs are designed from glycerin-based cartridge and each contain a single atomization chamber alongside an LED indicator that simply lights up when you puff. The indicator light will also signify the level of juice in your hookah and the power’s hookah levels.

Though, the disposable Fantasia hookah will provide up to 800 puffs, if you want a longer lasting effect , you may want to choose one of the rechargeable options such as F1 Fantasia pen that comes with a starter kit , and has a much more portable size , to get your started. The rechargeable version comes with a kit that ensures that you don’t run out of puffing, the kit includes; a USB charger, alongside a single 900 mAh battery, plus a CE5 flavour tank, and a 15ml liquid bottle. The disposable Fantasia hookah also comes with the flavour tank, and liquid bottle as well. It should be noted that most Fantasia rechargeable hookah do have nicotine, however, most of the disposable versions don’t have nicotine.

The disposable electronic hookah also comes with an auto-off button that helps you control the level of usage and retain more fluid in the tank. You need to ensure that the hookah is stored in a dry place to ensure longer shelf-life, likewise.

Fantasia electronic hookah flavours

Fantasia electronic hookah comes in diverse flavours, some of the most preferred flavours are the blueberries and Washington apple, there are quite a number of premium range of juicy e-liquids offered by Fantasia that are worth trying out, these include;

  • Mixed melons (4 play),
  • The Brazilian Curacao Fruit , with Citrus Twist (also known as Adios),
  • The Dirty blonde ( a mix of banana with pineapple),
  • The Madzilla (mad berry mix),
  • The Rainbow burst (skittles flavour), and many more.

Now that you have everything you need to start puffing on your favourite juice, there will be no need to worry about nicotine levels. The appeal and aesthetic design of Fantasia disposable hookah, are quite easy to see, the hookahs are quite small in size, but deliver more power than you can ask for, especially with a design that fits perfectly into your pocket.

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If you want an electronic hookah with no fire, no ash but smooth flavour, your best option in Fantasia e cigarette. These hookahs do not require any form of set up as they come pre-assembled. They are affordable and they provide long-lasting puffing effect, hence they are reliable for both light and heavy smokers. While most flavours of Fantasia electronic hookahs go for around 14.99$, the starter kit goes for around $39.99. These prices make Fantasia one of the most affordable electronic hookahs in the market today. Fantasia electronic hookah is one of the most suitable electronic hookahs for beginners and those who are learning to smoke hookah for the first time. Buying Fantasia electronic hookah is quite easy, as the manufacturer offers the product in bulk and there are independent hookah providers who provide discounted prices.