Water vapour pen- features and importance

Water vapour pen will normally provide e-cigarette smokers with lots of flexibility, for instance, the society often ban the smoking of other forms of vapour in certain places, but water vapour cigarettes constitute no health hazard to the smoker and the public. Electronic cigarettes in generally are much safer than traditional tobacco. The main difference between water vapour cigarettes and nicotine vapour is that, instead of nicotine, water is wicked into the atomizer, and the water is easily turned into vapour that can be inhaled safely by the user. The use of water vapour in E cigarettes also makes I possible to control the amount of other juices and nicotine in the e-cigarette- water will help you adjust the throat hits, nicotine levels as well as flavour concentration of the e-cigarette juice.

The fact that some electronic cigarettes release nothing but water vapours into the atmosphere, it is becoming even more convenient to smoke e-cigarettes in the public. Water vapour pen offers one basic advantage, it does not produce a second-hand smoke. While the traditional hookahs are just bulky, vapour pens are very small, thin and portable, and can be found in diverse colours. The most significant feature of water vapour pen is that the water vapour evaporates into the air within few seconds, hence there is no smell, nor smoke generated. As a water vapour pen user, it does not necessarily means you can’t choose from a wide range of juice concentrates, these could be oil, waxes, fruits and herbs. Similarly, you can also choose from a wide range of nicotine concentrations, or you may want to avoid nicotine.

What to look out for in a water vapour pen

There are quite a number of characteristic features to look out for when searching for a water vapour pen, the most important factors are;

  • Compatibility of concentration of juice,
  • Durability/quality, and
  • Aesthetics and other features.
  • Warranty


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When it comes to choosing a water vapour pen, the most important factor you may want to consider is the whether you want herb, fruit, wax or oil concentrates. While some water vapour pens can handle all types of concentrates, other pens are suitably designed to be compatible with one particular concentrate. E-juice is usually the most popular form of concentrate used with water vapour pens.

The quality and durability of the water vapour pen should be the next factor to consider when choosing your water vapour pen. In most cases, you end up getting what you pay for, even though it can be easier to find a water vapour pen cheaper than 50$ and the pen will still last for a long time, it should be noted that cheaper vapourizers are known for heating up too slowly, and in the process of burning slowly, the concentrates are burnt too rapidly, hence they wouldn’t deliver when you needed them most. You should consider spending your money on a reliable water vapour pen from a reputable brand manufacturer.

Aesthetics and other features are usually secondary and they may not be as important as the first two factors highlighted above. Vapourizers are usually tube shaped however, there may be slight differences in their outward appearances, hence you may find the colour of minor shape difference appealing to you. Other special features such as a one-touch activation of the pen, the availability of an LCD or LED indicator light display , or temperature display may also be appealing to some smokers- all these may not matter to professional and heavy smoker who want more power and delivery from their water vapour pens. Water vapour pens usually also come in diverse styles and colours, but most come in cylindrical shapes and most of them come with Lithium Ion batteries , plus an inner heating element, the concentrate container or tank and a mouth piece. The basic function of all these components is to heat up the concentrate until the formation for water vapour is achieved and this vapour must be drawn through the mouth piece.

Warranty may be another factor you may want to consider when buying a water vapour pen. The warranty provides authenticity and assurance that you are buying the original product. Most warranties will cover between 30 and 90 days, depending on the brand. The longer the warranty on a water vapour pen, the more functional or durable it should be, however, warranty does not guaranty durability or the delivery of a better vaping experience. Prices may also be considered as an important factor, generally , the cheaper the vapour pens are the slower they burn juice concentrates.